The Magnificent Victoria Falls

The Magnificent Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall. In peak season the entire yearly water consumption of New York flows over its edge every three and a half days.

The Victoria Falls is neither the widest or tallest waterfall on earth, but its combination of the two makes it the biggest. This UNESCO World Heritage site was named by David Livingstone, after Queen Victoria of Britain.

The Victoria Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Africa and offers a wide range of luxury accommodation and activities in the area. For the top lodges and camps visit the Victoria Falls Accommodation guide from

The mighty Zambezi River provides many daytime activities in the area. The notorious Tiger fish is found here, which is a great fresh water game fish. There is also bungee jumping and a bungee swing for adrenaline junkies, strung up in the gorges.

When the river is running low the white water rafting is world-class and features multiple 5-star graded rapids. It sounds strange that the best time is when the river is running low, but when it is at full-tilt the sheer force would have you combining white water rafting with cliff guiding, it’s simply too powerful.

The Magnificent Victoria Falls

The area also offers many cultural tours and visits to the local communities, as well as safaris to the Chobe Reserve next door.

The best time to visit Victoria Falls depends on what you wish to accomplish. The Falls are at their thundering peak between January to May. The peak season for visitors is from June to August and the Falls are at their lowest between September to December.

For more information on Victoria Falls check out the Wikipedia page here. You can see additional information for naming origins, dimensions, gorges and pre-colonial history of the area.

The area directly surrounding the Falls has excellent accommodation and includes popular favourites like The Victoria Falls Hotel and The Royal Livingstone. The most luxurious lodge and unique lodge in the area, is a little upstream from the Victoria Falls.

Nestled on the banks of the Zambezi River lies the jewel of Zambia, Royal Chundu. This private lodge sits perfectly in the trees and offers world-class accommodation and service. This is the top choice for discerning travelers.

If you are looking for a more affordable option but still want the colonial charm and luxuries of a five star property, Ilala lodge is an excellent insiders choice. The lodge is the closest to the Falls and offers rooms with balcony views, or rooms which open onto the lush gardens.

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