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Luxury Montreal: JustFly Tells You About The Hottest Spots In Montreal

The city of Montreal, Quebec is the cultural capital of Canada. Featuring a unique heritage that saw it brought up in a hotbed of English and French culture clashing, the city has benefitted from this tangling of traditions coming out the other side a city that features the best of both worlds.

Today, Montreal is a culinary gem with many diverse neighbourhoods serving up food, drinks, and experiences unparalleled in the Great White North.

To track down some of the cities best neighbourhoods for having a good time I spoke with JustFly. An online travel company, JustFly reviews the best in food, attractions, and fun to better inform their clients about what to expect when they venture to a new city. They spotlighted three specific areas you should visit if you make it to La Belle Province.

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The Old Port

Montreal’s historic district, The Old Port is home to some of the city’s best bars, restaurants, and clubs. Easily identifiable by it’s cobblestone streets and historic buildings and churches, this part of Montreal is a ideal for a bar crawl type of night along the Montreal waterfront.

In addition to great eats and drinks, the area is home to numerous street performers including musicians, artists, and magicians waiting to show you their stuff.

This area is a must visit regardless of your intent, as it shows off some of the continent’s oldest and most historic sites.

The Plateau

Montreal’s hipster capital, The Plateau is a great place to discover your new favourite restaurant, bar, or cafe.

A labyrinth of one-way streets, it’s best you travel to this area using public transit according to JustFly’s review, as parking is scant and it’s easy to get a little lost. Once there, the area is a hive of activity. The main boulevards are Saint Laurent and Saint Denis streets and are usually packed with people ready to have a night out.

If you are looking for something a little calmer, this area also features two of Montreal’s best parks, Parc LaFontaine and Parc Mont-Royal. Parc Mont-Royal is a must-see, as its lookouts over the city give you some of the best looks at Montreal you can get with two feet on the ground.

Saint Henri

A recently revitalized area according to JustFly, Saint Henri is teeming with activity as new restaurants and bars make their way to the area. One place you absolutely need to check out is Loic.

Known for its collection of wines and top-shelf whiskeys, bourbons, and scotches, it also packs a culinary punch with unique specials and a menu that features some really tasty creations.

You may also feel the need to choose a side in the on-going taco war, as the neighbourhoods main street features three competing taco joints featuring different tastes and takes on the Mexican classic.



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