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Lucknow: A Paradise for History Buffs

Lucknow: A Paradise for History Buffs

Indian Diorama is one of the few journeys of an Indian luxury train known as the “Maharajas’ Express”, which attributes Lucknow as one of its spots.

Here is a lowdown chronicle giving-out some alluring information about ‘The City of Tehzeeb’– Lucknow. Book Flight tickets from Mumbai to Lucknow on Yatra for good discounts and offers!

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Lucknow at a Glimpse:

The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow was historically recognised as the Awadh sector. But now, it is the administrative headquarters of the Lucknow Division and Lucknow District. Lucknow is widely known as the ‘City of Tehzeeb’ or the ‘City of Nawabs’, and it has always been a place filled with distinct cultures.

It’s polite mannerisms, beautiful sprawling gardens, music, fine-cuisine, and poetry (Shayari), had found a backing in the Shia Nawabs of the region who loved Persian. The city has been exclusively given several other names too, such as Shiraz-i-Hind, The Constantinople of India, and the Golden City of the East.

Now, it is recognized as one of the most significant cities of the country as it is now cropping up in various segments like manufacturing, retailing, and commercial.

The city of Lucknow provides a unique attribute to its travellers, which is an ideal combination of rich culture and the modern advancement of new- idiosyncrasy. Its USP is eventually the same. It is the second biggest region of Uttar Pradesh, after Kanpur.


Lucknow is a historic place, which is located on the shores of Gomti River. The official language of this region is Hindi. However, here the language gets its source from Urdu.

Culturally, it was the capital of Awadh Pradesh, and during Mughal rule, it was acknowledged by the Delhi Sultanate. In the later phases, it was given to the Nawabs of Awadh.

After Lord Clive crushed the soldiers of the Nawab of Awadh, Nawab of Bengal, as well as the Mughals, Lucknow went under the law of the East India Company. However, it eventually went into the pockets of the British Empire in the year 1857.

With the backing of Maulana Abdul Bari of Firangi Mahal Lucknow, the Khilafat movement benefitted a lot of energy and composed a firm footing in the region. Lucknow was known as the provincial capital of the United Provinces and was then recognized as Uttar Pradesh in the year 1920.

Lucknow: A Paradise for History Buffs

Cuisine and Culture:

Lucknow has still kept its old -planet charm fully intact and is known as ‘The Golden City Of The East’, which is an appealing attribute for the travellers. It is no fantasy to call the capital of Uttar Pradesh, one of the best cities in the country in regards to culture and mannerisms.

The tradition of Lucknow has an incredible feel and is a combination of complete composure, etiquette (manners), warmth, generosity and a subtle essence in the standard of living. Several cultural attributes of the city have become the milestone of ‘Tehzeeb’.

A lot of importance here is given to music, dance, Urdu poetry and drama, and literature. The Nawabs of Awadh are the ones who should receive the credit for this. The Nawabs respected supremacy in all the things.

Lucknow’s food culture, also recognized as Awadhi cuisine has a formidable- Nawabi style! The prime highlights are kebabs, biryanis, and some breads (roomali rotis, nahari-kulchas, and warqi parathas).

Kebabs indeed a speciality, are of various forms such as Kakori Kebabs, Tunde ke Kebabs, Galawati Kebabs , Shami Kebabs, Patili-ke-Kababs, Boti Kababs, Ghutwa Kababs and Seekh Kebabs. Lucknow can be known as a haven for food lovers.

Lucknow: A Paradise for History Buffs

Best Time to Visit:

Although the region is flocked by a huge number of travellers all round the year, the ideal time to visit Lucknow is from September to February. This is the ideal season in regards to tourism and with the assistance of Yatra you can book cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Lucknow anytime. The other months are either extremely chilly or scorching hot.


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