Loving Australia Owned Hero Gear !!!

Hero Gear is an Australia owned and run website for lovers of GoPro goodies. They offer everything you can think of, check out this insane list!! The wonderful Bryn sent us the really cool TurnsPro – 360° Timelapse Panning device to try out on our New Zealand trip but sadly thanks to Qantas who soaked our luggage, we weren’t able to try it out as it got damaged!


Bryn From Hero Gear tells us about his awesome company:

We have a Youtube channel that specialises in GoPro HERO camera News, Reviews and How-To’s www.youtube.com/brynmag. We currently have just over 18K subscribers and 4.4 Million Views on Youtube.

I have a Technical/Electronics background and have been involved with Cameras, Video and Audio Visual for over 25 years. I started uploading Videos to Youtube in 2006  about the various adrenalin activities that I was involved in – Caving, Abseiling, Rock climbing, Canyoning, etc. That continued after I bought my first GoPro camera in 2010. It wasn’t until (maybe 2013?) that I started making videos aimed at helping OTHER people make the most out of their GoPro cameras, to film whatever activities THEY are interested in, that the channel started to grow quickly. Epithany!!!

I am constantly helping people solve camera issues through Youtube, via the GoPro Support Hub (of which I was a founding member), via email or in person.

I eventually attracted the attention of companies wishing to showcase their products to a mainly GoPro User subscriber base and I have been reviewing all sorts of GoPro accessories ever since.

In 2015 I realised that instead of simply promoting products for other companies, I could maybe sell some of my own and set up HERO GEAR.

We now have around 110 individual items or Bundles available and plan on growing our range until we hopefully become a one-stop-shop for GoPro camera Users in Australia. We don’t currently ship internationally but we are increasing fielding requests to do so.

I have a strong personal interest in Timelapse and genuinely love GoPro cameras. They are not the only cameras I use but this is my Niche and I’m sticking to it.

That’s why I am trying to build a product line that allows people to get the best out of their GoPro cameras.

We don’t currently sell GoPro cameras themselves or GoPro BRAND accessories because we are an online only store. GoPro’s policy is that they only supply to businesses that ALSO have a Bricks and Mortar business. If that changes at any point, you can be sure that our range will grow again to include everything.


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