Living Life Well on Your Own: Top Devices and Apps for People Who Love Flying Solo

You made it. You’re on your own. But without parents, siblings, and roommates, you’re neglected of outside insight and assistance. No problem – in this age of technology you’re never too far away to tap your fingers on your smartphone. Read the following, download the apps, and fire them up to make living alone a little easier.

Google Maps/Waze

The typical male in the relationship won’t stop and ask for directions. However, you’re alone, so there’s no one else to yell at you for getting lost or one who can lend insight. Here comes Google Maps to the rescue. It never gets lost and is pretty much the best way to navigate around uncharted streets and regions. Aside from directions, get traffic data, find places of interest, and locate nearest gas stations.

Pocket Casts

You may not have any person in the room to talk to but you can still listen to scores of personalities with Pocket Casts. Find audio-only or video podcasts so you’re always current on topics of interest. If you’re up for further listening, use the suggestion function for fresh podcasts.


BlueMail features a sleek interface and works with just about any email provider. Use its smart settings for a personal experience. It’s an app that has proven its effectiveness and popularity, frequently getting good ratings by fans and critics in the tech industry. Why log on your desktop to stay on top of mail. Download the BlueMail app for a great mobile user experience.

DJay Pro

It can get quiet and boring so get loud and interested in making your own beats with DJjay Pro. Get sliders, decks, and various buttons manipulated by world famous DJs and backyard beat makers alike. Of course, you could hook your phone up to a larger speaker and really blow the minds of your neighbors.

Alarm Clock for Me

You don’t have anyone to nag at you to get up in the morning. However, you like living alone and don’t want to get fired from your job. There’s a happy middle ground where your phone doubles as an alarm clock, you make it to work on time, and continue to make paychecks to pay the rent. It’s all made possible by Alarm Clock for Me.

Cookpad Recipes

You shouldn’t be eating Ramen Noodles every time your stomach rumbles. Get familiar with the kitchen and proper utensils in order to whip up some tasty and healthy meals and snacks. Find new recipes, manage shopping lists, and categorize recipes for easy future access.


Some prefer to workout with a partner, but if you’re flying solo, you may not have that option. Download MyFitnessPal, a calorie counter that aims at lowering your weight the old fashioned way – calculating calories consumed and burned. Use the handy barcode scanner before eating snacks to get a better understanding of what’s going in your body. It’s not an ultimate fitness app, yet it works well with others.

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