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Do you take the time to see the world around you? Even those of us with perfect eyesight often miss much of what’s in front of us. This can happen for many reasons. For the most part, we become complacent. The majority of us see the same sights, day in, day out. As such, we rarely take the time to appreciate them. Our brain has processed the information, and we no longer feel the need to open our eyes and take a look. We already know what’s there, don’t we? That’s why we often miss new additions to our surroundings for an embarrassingly long time. It might be that a tree gets knocked down, but you don’t notice it because you don’t take the time to look! This sort of thing happens all the time. But, if we go about our lives in this blinded way, we’re missing out on a lot. Here are a few ways to open your eyes again.


Reconsidering the way you travel could help you see your journeys in a new light. When we’re traveling in the car, it’s all too easy to ignore our surroundings. We run on auto-pilot, and barely register a lot of what we see. Instead, it might be worth investing in a scooter. This mode of transport is just as fast as a car. And, it has the benefit of leaving you out in the open. You’d be amazed what a difference that makes. Car doors block you from the world outside in more ways than you could imagine. If you leave a little earlier, you could even start walking. The fresh air will help your health. And, taking things a little slower leaves you time to look around. Make sure to lift your eyes to the world as you go. The sights you see may surprise you.


Nothing works for opening your eyes quite so well as going somewhere new. When your surroundings are unfamiliar, you will look at everything around you. How else are you meant to form an accurate idea of the place? And, opening your eyes in a new location will make it easier to see your familiar surroundings when you return. It’s sure to refresh the way you see things. You don’t have to go far. Explore local walks you didn’t know about before. Take the children along, too. The whole family could enjoy the experience.


Few of us are in the habit of taking time out each day. Who has time for that? You should! Taking time out is another fantastic way of adjusting your viewpoint. Even just five minutes will make a difference. Set the alarm, and spend those five minutes looking at your surroundings. At first, your mind may wander. That’s okay. Pay attention to the fact, and bring it back to what you’re looking at. Meditation like this is a fantastic way to calm your mind and pay proper attention.

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