Inside the Luxury Mansion in Poconos, Pennsylvania

The mansion, le manoir, the manor house, no matter what you call this glorious piece of architecture it will always sound grandeur. My recent visit to this luxurious vacation mansion in the Poconos has been overwhelming. It is located in Wilkes Barre, one of the largest cities in the NorthEast region of the Pocono Mountains.

What does it feel like to actually live in this mansion? The tall ceilings, exquisite interiors, glorious chandeliers, large windows, and the spacious rooms, everything from the floor to lighting and the wall paper feels just royal and awe inspiring.

Experiencing the luxury mansion in the Poconos?

This luxury mansion is located on 16,000 square feet of prime real estate in Poconos. The boundaries of the mansion are well-fenced making it truly private and secluded from the outside world where the only people who can disturb you are your friends and family. However, it has high-speed Wi-Fi and wireless internet in case you need to connect to the outside world. If not, this mansion is a world in itself.

Exploring the Outside

Before I share the insight of the interiors, you need to know how it looks on the outside. The only way to get in and out of the mansion is the well maintained driveway. The premises has ample parking space, large enough to accommodate a wedding party!! The surroundings are lush and green. Its gardens are neat and pruned to perfection. There is a private swimming pool, a garden space for your tea party and picnic if you dig that. The architecture design of the mansion itself is more of a contemporary mixed with colonial style (if I am not wrong, haha!). There’s also a tennis court if you want to have a deuce.

You can run a lap or walk around the mansion house or explore the trails within the boundaries. There’s a beautiful fountain and a bridge over a small creek originating from a small waterfall.

Living on the Inside

When we get to the inside, the mansion has 08 luxurious bedrooms having about 19 beds. The total bathrooms are 10 and this mega vacation home can easily accommodate close to 60 people. It has multiple hallways and living areas, each having unique furniture designs and themes. The mansion also has an indoor fireplace and a dining room fit for a lavish feast.


Speaking of the dining room, you gotta have some place to cook your meals, right? The mansion has a large kitchen fully stocked up and ready to serve. It has an electric range and oven. It comes with all cooking basics, dishes, silverware and even a coffee maker. Whether you wanna cook up a large meal or throw in an appetizing dinner, the kitchen is ready for the action.

Not much of an outgoer? This private mansion in Poconos can keep you busy indoors while you enjoy your vacation. There are smart TVs in all possible rooms of the mansion. It has a bunch of indoor games, a mini gaming arcade and a movie theatre. There are also multiple hot tubs for you to relax. A conference room is also established within the mansion, in case duty calls. Talk about extra amenities…

The next best thing about this mansion is its maintenance, you gotta hand it to the hosts cause they have ensured everything stays sparkly clean and in working condition. There wasn’t a single thing out of place in such a huge vicinity.


Why would you go to a private mansion for a vacation?

Good question. This generously sized vacation mansion is designed for an equally generous vacation or an event. It could be an ideal get together location for the whole family. You guys could have a blast with just the activities inside the mansion. Or if you are planning to have a destination wedding in Pennsylvania with a crowd of very special people, away from busy the buzzing city streets, this is an ideal spot. It has amazing backdrops and ambience for a pre-wedding and post-wedding photo op.

This mansion is also well-equipped to accommodate a corporate crowd. Do you need a special place to conduct your annual meetings and let your employees have fun? You got it.

Life outside the mansion

The location of the mansion makes it superbly accessible to most popular tourist attractions and recreational areas in the Poconos. As I said, it is a sweet spot for you to enjoy your vacation. Top attractions near the mansion include the Kirby park, Vietnam veterans war memorial, the Miners memorial, Sordoni art gallery, the Toyota SportsPlex, Luzerne county and my personal favorite the Break out escape room.

The cost of renting the mansion

You can either rent the mansion by days and nights or by the week. It costs about $3500 per night/day and if you book the place for a longer stay it might cost you less. Check the website to know the latest updates of the mansion.

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