These Incredible Animal Encounters Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List!

Seeing the sights and meeting new people are of course some of the most enjoyable things about travelling. But there’s always something magical about seeing some of the world’s most exquisite animal species up close. If you live in a busy town or city then chances are you don’t get to see much wildlife in your day to day life, so exploring different countries and locations allows you to do exactly this. Here are just a few of the best animal experiences that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Go on Safari

When you think about going on safari, you will of course think right away of visiting Africa. The continent gives you the chance to see the ‘big five’- lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino. But the overall experience you have and the animals you will most likely see all depends on the African country that you visit. There are all kinds of safaris tours across South Africa, Tanzania, Okavango Delta in Botswana, Namibia and more. You could be exploring savannah, highlands, the coast, rainforest depending on where you go so be sure to do your research.



Swim With Dolphins or Sharks

Under the ocean is a completely different world, in fact, it’s one of the only places on earth which is largely untouched by humans. For a white knuckle, adrenaline filled adventure why not go on a cage dive with great white sharks? You get to see one of the most perfectly adapted killing machines that currently exist, and get a thrilling, surreal encounter which will give you memories for a lifetime! If you fancy something a little more tame, how about swimming with dolphins? While some places have come under scrutiny keeping dolphins in captivity for this purpose, there are places like in the Florida keys where you can swim with wild dolphins. Since these majestic animals are choosing to stay close, you know that they actually want to be there and don’t have to worry about the ethical side of things.


Go on a Camel Trek Adventure

Looking to visit somewhere really remote- away from everyone and everything? Then exploring the Australian Outback should be on your agenda. Companies like Camel Treks Australia offer the chance to book anything from one day to a few weeks, where you will be travelling across some of the most isolated parts of the world. Some find this a really spiritual experience, a chance to ‘find yourself’ and disconnect from everything. Plus you get to get up close to and ride on camels unless you live in the desert you probably haven’t spent much time with these unique animals.

Ride a camel

Go Whale Watching

There are a number of places in the world which give you awesome whale watching opportunities. America, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, Columbia, Scotland and many more can all give you the chance to see these enormous animals in nature. The species you will see depend on the location and time of year, so if this is something you want to do then be sure to do your research. Different species will have different migration patterns, so you need to get your timings right.

Whale Watching

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