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Increase the storage on your Mac with Tardisk Pear – Review

Stop deleting your precious memories to make room for new ones! 

The TarDisk Pear is the only way to expand your Macintosh Hard Drive.

Increase the storage on your Mac with Tardisk Pear - Rview

Being a new Mac user, the only thing that really pisses me off is the fact that MacBooks comes with such small hard drives, previous laptops I’ve owned (windows based) have easily had 1 TB of storage which I’ve has no problem filling. So changing to a Mac has been a bit of a struggle, it’s required me to have one to two 1 TB portable hard drives just to keep all my photo and files on…. The thought of loosing these or one being damaged scares me to death… all those memories gone!!!

The basic models of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro come with a measely 128GB of storage, which is unsurprisingly easy to fill up (considering Apple installs so much “stuff” on the Mac before you even get it).

Increase the storage on your Mac with Tardisk Pear - Rview

There are a few different ways to expand your storage on your mac but most mean you have to void your warranty or Apple care due to having to open up your Mac to add in additional storage or pay an arm and leg for a professional to do it for you….So in comes the TarDisk Pear, it’s the perfect solution to any storage problems on your Mac.

The TarDisk looks like a small sim card/ USD drive/ SD card. TarDisk designed to merge with your existing drive, giving you a much bigger hard drive with a single volume for storage, it has also been designed to seamlessly merge with your MacBook’s exterior. The flash storage card is sealed in your Mac’s aluminum tray which slides flush into your SDXC port. It’s designed to permanently pair with your existing storage to form a single volume.

The instructions for pairing the TarDisk are lengthy, so make sure you read them thoroughly before you begin. You’ll start by creating a Time Machine backup, so you’ll always be able to restore your MacBook if anything goes wrong, you’ll need an external hard drive to make your backup. You’ll also need 8GB of free space for the pairing process, so make sure you free it up before you begin.

Increase the storage on your Mac with Tardisk Pear - Rview

If you do want to remove your TarDiskthere’s a little groove in the body, so you can remove the drive with your fingernail, credi card or the included removal tool that’s shaped like a guitar pick. (TarDisk does warn that using a metal implement eg: a butter knife, could damage the delicate electronics inside.) However I have read that removing the drive can corrupt it so make sure you regularly back up your laptop.

The only downside is that the TarDisk takes up your SD card slot, so if you’re a photographer this might be a little inconvenient for you but you can always get a USB card reader for $5 on eBay or Amazon. 

Increase the storage on your Mac with Tardisk Pear - Rview


  • Seamlessly expands Macintosh HD with TarDisk’s solid-state memory.
  • (Plug & Play) Simply insert TarDisk Pear into your MacBook and click install for storage boost.
  • (1 year warranty) Ensures your data remains safe, even when the worst happens.
  • (High Speed) Data caching maintains near SSD latency.
  • (Apple care) TarDisk Pear does not interfere with your existing Apple Care.
  • (Ultra low Power) Maintains an unnoticeable power draw of around 70 milliwatts.
  • (Life Proof) Water Proof, Temperature Proof, Shock Proof, X-ray proof, Magnet Proof.
  • (Storage Exansion) Expand your MacBook or your money back.
  • The tardisk comes in 2 sizes, 128GB and 256GB, ensure you select the right laptop (MacBook air or Pro) and the correct screen size, when purchasing a TarDisk.


The TarDisk Pear offers an easy way to add more onboard storage to your MacBook Pro or Air. It fits neatly into your system’s SD card slot and can double the available space. Its so much easier than lugging around portable hard drives. 

RRP: $399 USD (we have one to giveaway….. giveaway post will be live shortly).

*** We tried out the 256GB TarDisk Pear with a new, 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro.***

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