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Important Tips for a Better Sleep When You Travel

Here at the Traveling King our goal is to give you the best advice and tips available on the internet when it comes to traveling. We realize the world is a wondrous place with so many interesting things to see and do whether it’s hanging out in Bangkok or hitting the slopes of the Alps.

If you are like us then you hate losing sleep when you are headed out on an adventure. There are great many reasons why we might not be able to sleep when we travel. En route there could be bumps in the road or turbulence on the plane. At the hotel, hostel, or AirBnB location, there could be a ton of street traffic, or the bed might be bumpy. Honestly, there are too many reasons to list here.

What we can list here are some of the ways we can make sleeping while traveling much more satisfactory.

In the Room

White noise

White noise machines are great in the hotel room or wherever you are staying if outside noise is a problem. These machines are great for helping us zone out although adding noise seems counterproductive.

According to Popular Science, the reason white noise is able to help us sleep is because the change of tone and sudden jerks street noises make can jolt us awake. White noise is consistent and acts as a sedative.


Another way to get white noise without investing in a pricey machine is to get yourself a fan. Not only will a travel fan create the white noise you are looking for, it can keep you cool if you a traveling somewhere that boasts a warm and humid atmosphere. Keeping cool is important while trying to sleep.

Studies have shown that the room you sleep in should be anywhere between 60 ºF and 67 ºF if you are looking for the perfect temperature for sleeping. A fan for sleeping can greatly help with this aspect of discomfort when traveling as well.

Bring Something From Home

Sometimes we just miss home and that’s why sleeping somewhere else is so difficult. If this is the case for you try taking a little bit of home on your trip with you. This could be anything from your favorite pillow to a candle with your favorite scent. Of course, how much we bring with us when we travel always depends on how far we are going and how we are getting there.

If you are taking a road trip take the body pillow since it will fit fine in the back seat or trunk. Something that large wouldn’t make sense if you plan on heading to Machu Picchu from London. On a long trip like that, you need to be selective of what you bring. This is where a nice scented candle or favorite pillow case might do.

Do Some Yoga

This should help you get some sleep in your room. Yoga is known for its calming effect. Try doing a few sun salutations or downward facing dogs. These should pop you out fast enough to give you a good night’s sleep.


This is on the same line as yoga, except it’s not as strenuous. Try sitting in a chair for five minutes taking deep breaths and counting to eight as your belly expands and your lungs fill up. Then breath out the air with the same count of eight. This should clear your head and tire you out.

En Route

There are certain things you can do to keep yourself comfortable when you are headed toward your destination, whether you are driving in a car, riding on a bus or train, or flying.

Travel pillow

These work great, if you aren’t in the driver seat. A travel pillow fits nicely around your neck allowing your head to lean to either side for a little shut eye. The folks at Land of the Traveler have a huge list for you to choose from.

Get a Window Seat

If you can lean up against something it might be easier to get some shut eye on long trips. The window seat means the car window, the bus, the train, or the plane. If you don’t have a travel pillow you can prop your jacket or sweater up and us it in place of a pillow.

Get Up Early or Don’t Sleep the Night Before

If you are going on a long flight and want to sleep the majority of the time then try getting up super early or not sleeping at all the night before. By time you get on the plane, you will be so tired you should fall asleep just fine.

Adjust Your Clock

When traveling internationally we recommend getting used to the hours of the destination as soon as you can. That way, when you get there, you don’t waste your daylight hours napping from jet lag.

Whatever you choose from these tips, we are confident that each of them will be able to help you get the rest you need when traveling.

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