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How to Survive a Long Airplane Journey

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It doesn’t matter how excited you are to reach your destination, a long airplane journey can be boring, frustrating and dull! However, frequent travelers know that there are some sure-fire ways to make air travel more bearable. To get the inside scoop, take a look at these top tips and start planning your next trip today:

1. Invest in Noise Canceling Headphones

If there’s one must-have accessory you need while you’re on a plane, it’s noise canceling headphones. When you can block out the noise from other passengers, as well as the noise of the airplane engines, you’ll instantly feel calmer and less stressed. What’s more – good quality noise canceling headphones will enable you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks too.

2. Take Your Phone, Tablet or Laptop – and Charger!

When you have a phone, tablet or laptop with you, you can keep yourself entertained for hours. From playing games at to watching a movie of your choice, or even looking back at old photos, you’ll find plenty to do when you have a device to hand. Although some airplanes have USB charging points built into the seats, this isn’t guaranteed, so take a power bank or portable charger with you too.

3. Learn to Meditate

Meditation can help you feel less anxious and infinitely more relaxed, which certainly comes in handy on a long airplane journey! Everyone can meditate but it can take time for you to get more confident with the experience. If you know you’ve got a long journey coming up, begin practicing now so that you’re able to meditate more easily when you’re in a busy or crowded environment. You can meditate alone or use audio tracks for guided meditation, so those noise canceling headphones will serve many purposes!

4. Dress for Comfort

Save your best outfits for when you arrive at your destination and dress for comfort while you’re traveling. Sitting in a relatively small space for long periods of time isn’t anyone’s idea of fun but it can be made worse by uncomfortable clothing. Loose fabrics and layers are ideal for airplane travel, as it tends to get a little chilly in the cabin. By wearing layers, you can easily adjust your outfit in response to the on-board conditions and stay comfortable while you’re en route to your destination.

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5. Take Snacks with You

There’s no doubt that snacks will be available on your flight, but they might not be to your liking. Furthermore, you can rack up quite a bill buying snacks on a long journey! By taking snacks with you, you can ensure that you have your favorite foods on hand and save some money too.

Planning Your Next Trip

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the right planning can transform your experience. Booking an overnight flight will allow you to sleep on the plane, which can make the time whizz by, for example. Similarly, avoiding unnecessary layovers can shorten your journey by hours or even days. While long journeys can’t always be avoided, these handy tips will make them as enjoyable as possible.

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