Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders (PHOTO BLOG) Part 2

Take a “ride” with us through a 3 part Photo Blog series on our Hot Air Ballooning experience at the Flinders Ranges with Outback Ballooning.

To learn more about our time with Richard (our Pilot) See Hot Air Balloon Flight with Richard from Outback Ballooning

A beautiful sunrise as we all literally ran and jumped into the Basket, getting ready for take off.

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Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

Up … Up  and away!!! Everything on the ground starts to get smaller and smaller.. while my pulse gets faster and faster!! The thought ” Don’t look down” repeat over and over n my head! Breathe in and out… in and out..

Oh hey and look at this incredible view, after my mini freak out, the view easily distracts me and hey, the view is the reason we do crazy things like get up at 4am to go Hot Air Ballooning in the Incredible Flinders Rangs!

The sun finally pops its head over the Wilpena Pound ranges and blinds us! I mean hey, look at that view… through squinty eyes 🙂

This is the view as we took off . Rawnsley Bluff on the left and the Chase ranges on the right.  At this stage, you don’t really realize that you are that far above the ground, held up by a giant hot air balloon. You are just taken back and amazed by the view!

Ranges in the distance! (I cant remember which ones they were!! sorry) none the less, very pretty bathed in the mornings light.

Rawnsley Park camp grounds, looks like a photo form a spy satellite. (cue James bond music…)… it cold even be a little boy’s car toy set!

Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders
Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

The burners going at full blast!  Making lots of heat – its like standing next to a nice open fire.. oh wait that is exactly what it is! It warms you right up! Maybe it wasn;t a good idea to wear 3 layers of clothes, then again it was freezing that morning!

Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

The first glimpse of the Hot Air Balloon shadow

Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

Can you see our landing point… Don’t worry, nor can we!  On the right you can just see the Chase range. Richard told us, it would be bad if we went over them, as here are few places to land and it would take HOURS to get back… would have been a cool adventure though!! Its funny though, the hills look so small from up here.

The Chase ranges and beyond…..they seem to go on forever!

Wilpena Pound, you can truly see it better from the air, how BEAUTIFUL!! It really does look like a naturally formed amphitheatre of mountains – I would if they would mind if I went in the middle and sung, probably not, I’m not a great singer! La la la la la!

Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

Strange how there are some trees here and there and none in large patches!

Mountain ranges in and foreground, mountain ranges in the background, with a touch of morning light! Perfect!

The Chase Ranges  with the Balloon shadow following us… (classic ballooning photo)… Classic but still pretty cool!

Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders
Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

Southern (I think) side of Wilpena Pound, its such a strange shape, like a big bowl!

Looking to the right of Wilpena pound, showing the end of the Chase ranges.

Rawnsley park restaurant on the bottom left, the reception on the bottom right and the holiday units along the “top” . I think e can spot our room from here!

The view into Wilpena Pound, just as the sun has come into view, so you are kind of blinded!

Coming up to the Chase Ranges, kinda of hoping Richard takes us over them, but he’s obviously a professional, so he probably won’t.

Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

Sam, with her, “trying not to freak out” face on 🙂 Can you tell she is cold?

Hot Air Ballooning in the Flinders

Check out Part 1 (the set up) if you missed it and keep your eyes pealed for Part 3 (packing up)

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? Where did you go and how did you feel?

Please note:  Outback Ballooning has finished early for this season (2013). They may return next season


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