Honeymoon in Bali

Bali was ranked as the world’s top destination by Tripadvisor in their 2017 Travellers choice award. This beautiful island  in Indonesia might change your honeymoon plans to life long memories full of its diverse culture, nature and art.

Are you searching for a magical place to add spice to your honeymoon? Read on to find out what to expect in Bali as well as how to make your stay at a Bali honeymoon resort more fun.

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Nusa Dua - Where to stay in Bali Indonesia - Sit back and Relax or Party hard!

Arrival and departure

On arrival at Bali, you will part with over 30 USD to acquire the visa. If you are planning to stay in Bali for more than 30 days ask your agent to get you an extension which will cost you an extra 80 USD. A passport picture is required for this application so ensure to have a couple of passport pictures with you during the travel.

A departure tax is charged at the end of your stay at the islands and it is advisable to keep aside money for that. It is important to leave your hotel on time for the airport on your departure day as the traffic in Bali is unpredictable and can get congested at time causing delays.


Even though Bali is a small island, choosing a place to stay can be hard as its different beaches offer their own set of features. The quality of accommodation services offered will usually be reflected in the prices quoted. There are various Bali honeymoon resorts available for you to sample.

Where to stay in Bali Indonesia - Sit back and Relax or Party hard!

Getting around

Taxis are easily available from the airport to your hotel but they tend to be expensive. Remember to ask the taxi driver to turn on the meter so that you won’t have issues when it comes to determining the price to pay.

It is more convenient to have a pre-arranged driver to pick you up at the airport and most Bali honeymoon resorts  offer assistance in making the arrangements. It is cheaper than taking a taxi and offers more comfort.

If you are internationally insured you can get yourself one of those good looking scooters and drive around at your own convenience. It makes movement easy as you maneuver through the congested roads with ease. Be sure to pick a helmet from the rental office if you opt for the scooter.

What is the best time to visit a Bali?

Bali is located 8 degrees south of equator and experiences tropical, warm and humid for most times of the year. There is a boom in the tourism sector during the Easter and Christmas holidays and it is recommended to visit just before and after the high season to get the best experience.

Room prices of the honeymoon resorts and villa rentals tend to be cheaper and many shops and restaurants offer sale and promotions when the tourist inflow is light. You also get to enjoy water sport activities as the waters are clear and it is less crowded.

Where to stay in Bali Indonesia - Sit back and Relax or Party hard!

Things to do while in Bali

Bali has numerous tourist attraction sites and 80% of its economy majors in tourism. We have highlighted a few activities that you can engage in during your stay.

·       Water activities

With a wide range of water sporting activities, the shores of Bali coastline provide an experience that is beyond swimming. You can go water rafting on the Ayung River and learn about flora and fauna as you peddle. Water jet packs and surfing provide a fix for the adrenaline junkies. You can also take an underwater scooter ride to discover the underwater scenes and maybe even walk on the sea bed.

·       Tenah Lot

There are many temples in Bali but Tenah Lot stands out because of its riveting off shore setting and sunset back drops. It is one of the places that you must visit and sample their leisure facilities as you watch a dance performance at the cultural park.

·       Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is a natural forest sanctuary considered to be sacred by some people. You can visit the beautiful ancient temples in the forest or watch a bunch of monkeys as they play and eat bananas.

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