Hexcup: World’s Best Beer Pong Cups – Product Review

So I know this review is a little out of “left field” for a travel blog but Beer Pong is one of Ben’s favourite games and it can be played while travelling, its a great way to make some new friends! We contacted Hexcup to get a set of cups to review and here’s what we found:

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Hexcup was set up on kickstarted and got over 3,000 backers and doubled they pledged goal! Set up by 2 friends, they were able to “kickstart” this awesome project, its simple but unique and quirky!

The Hexcups are the first hexagon-shaped beer pong cup which saves you from asking someone to straighten up their cups or having to ask them to move one of their cups back into place after it shot across the table or getting your ball stuck in-between the cups!

Ben and his brother Thomas pulled out the cups one night for a quick game of beer pong and had a lot of fun, the cups “join” together easily, there ball didn’t get stuck between the cups and it looked cool! (note we had to use a bit of cardboard under the cups as our table has wooden “slates” as isn’t very level.)


The hexagon design not only allows for a smoother set up but increases the intensity of gameplay as it requires both players to be on “point” when it comes to shooting. The hassle spent trying to align the cups up is minimal as they fit easily side by side creating ideal symmetrical target shapes and designs for those who like to set up the game using their imagination. They are also great for Bounce shots, tricks shots and rebounds however they still require skill and abit of luck when using the hexagon cups.


The Hexcups are also dishwasher proof friendly (using the top shelf) and can be utilised over an over again!

Take a set of cups on your next trip and you’ll be sure to make some friends at your hostel or hotel!

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