Here Is How to Make Money off of What You Love

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Right now, a lot of people are desperately trying to figure out a profitable side-hustle. Not all incomes were completely lost. Many were just severely slashed, making it necessary for people to find a way to make up for the shortfall. On the other side of the equation are the things they do for the sake of enjoyment that they might have to let go just to make ends meet.

One creative solution to the dilemma is to combine the two. Find a way to make money from the things you already enjoy. That way, you wouldn’t have to give up the few things that bring you joy as they will effectively pay for themselves. Making a nice profit is, of course, even better.

That doesn’t mean you get to keep the boat. But perhaps you can do a small-groups tour business. You could make it a dinner cruise for no more than one couple at a time and charge an arm and a leg. There are ways to do it safely and make it work financially. In that way, you combine what you love with what you need. Here are a few more ideas you can try:

Sell Your Artwork

Sketching and painting is not free. Nice canvases are quite expensive. High-end art supplies cost more than you think. Don’t stop working on your art. Instead, get one of those pop up tents like you see at trade shows and customize your canopy however you like.

There are plenty of art-centric venues like Portland’s Saturday Market. If you are going to spend money to pursue your hobby, make it count. Instead of spending money, invest it. Don’t just buy art supplies; invest in them. Just don’t stop the investment half way.

The mistake people make when trying to turn a hobby into a second income is failing to follow through. The first half of the project is to spend money. That’s fine as long as you finish the job. Unfortunately, all too many people run out of steam when they realize that it isn’t nearly as much fun when it becomes work. Don’t embark on the investment part if you are not going to follow it all the way through.

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Everyone knows that traveling is one of the most expensive pastimes you can have. During the lean times, you don’t have to stop traveling as long as you know the many ways to make money while traveling.

One of the best ways to make money while traveling is to write a travel blog and turn all those blog posts into an interesting book with plenty of compelling photographs. You can also make a series of travel guides. There are so many fake and worthless guides out there. You can write one from your first-hand experience and clue travelers in on how to experience the true essence of the place they are going.

If you happen to be a decent photographer, you have an advantage as a traveler. You get to go to places that many aspiring photographers will never have the privilege of visiting.

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Computer Repair

It doesn’t take a long time to become a computer hardware tech. Start with your passion for making computers go, and pair it with the best IT certifications and go for it. You might need to get an Associate’s degree in computer hardware to get a job at the big shops. But the good news is that if you are competent at diagnosing and fixing computer problems, you can get plenty of local business on the side while you finish your degree and certification. There is nothing like real-world experience.

The pandemic has come in like a marauding force that has taken the spark out of life. It only gets worse when we have to stop doing the handful of things that gave us joy and meaning. Don’t let it win by stealing the job from your life. Bet big on yourself and invest in your art, your travel, your computers, and everything else you love. With just a little creativity, your passions can also become your paydays. 

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