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Hair care for women on the move

Irrespective of the mode of travel whether, road, train or air, the hair on your head will always bear the brunt of damage on any trip. One other issue which crops up prior to setting out on journey are the space limitations, which invariably occur either due to self imposed restrictions or travel regulations.

Since you cannot tote every single beauty product with you every time you venture out, it is advisable to keep some tips in mind. These will make you feel better and retain the shape of your hair longer, so that you can enjoy that weekend blast with your friends which you had been planning for long.

Keep yourself over hydrated

Air at high altitudes causes dryness, so on your next plane journey gulp down as much water as you can, and not just the measly little bottle the attendant may serve. This will prevent you from reaching your destination with a tousled hairdo and flaky complexion.

Use a hair mask

Travel, especially long ones, do not do any favours to the hair. The flat head which can become obvious after long hours of travel shows up as a big spot. To rectify this apply a hair mask prior to the trip, and tie your tresse in a top knot to prevent them from getting in the way.

Protect hair from the Sun

As you travel, your skin and hair get constantly exposed to the elements, making it vulnerable to dryness and roughness. To avoid this either don a hat or wear a scarf after putting some UV protection spray on your hair. In extreme cases you might have to opt for FUE hair transplant UK.

Keep your hair tied

It is better to tie up your hair during a journey, in order not to expose it by keeping it loose. Putting your hair in braids or buns, not only offers protection from air and dust but looks glamorous as well.

Carry important accessories

Make sure you have the vital accessories like bobby pins and hair clips while on the go. These will help in doing different hair set ups and also keeping the hair in place, whenever needed.

Check the climate

It is important to be aware of the type of weather you are likely to encounter during the trip. This will save you a lot of time and bother, as unexpected bad weather can devastate your hair. Once you have done the necessary research, you can then pack your hair essentials accordingly.

Take your vitamins

The best way to bypass different climates, airport security, the long flight hours and even then reach your destination with a camera-ready hair style is to regularly take your vitamins as a ritual. A month’s supply can fit in a tiny bottle, and provide the hair with the vital nutrition it needs to keep it radiant and glowing.

Do regular protein treatment

This is one hair care accessory you need not carry.By doing a dusting and protein treatment, once every three months, your hair will get immense strength and lie straight for a much longer time.

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