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Your Guide to a Stress-Free Holiday

We’re going to let you in on a secret – the best way to have a stress-free holiday is with some careful planning. By booking as much as you can in advance, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday and save money too!

Of course, this level of planning takes time and if this just isn’t possible in your busy lifestyle, you should consult a travel company like Statesman Travel to organise all the plans for you, which will make planning your holiday a breeze. Otherwise, here are some top tips to ensure your holiday is stress-free.

What You Should Book in Advance

For a stress-free holiday, here are some of the things you should think about booking in advance:

  • Pre-book your travel arrangements for getting to the airport –trains are often cheaper when booked in advance online and same with airport parking.
  • If you have an early flight, book a room at the airport hotel and that way, you’ll start your holiday refreshed.
  • Order your currency in advance to get the best deal
  • Book your arrival transfers to get to your holiday accommodation, whether this is a taxi, hire car or bus.
  • Decide which attractions you want to visit and if possible, book tickets for them in advance.
  • Double check your luggage allowance and make a list of what you need to pack in advance
  • Make travel arrangements for the return journey (although you must remember these should remain flexible in case of any flight delays)
  • Check in online the night before

On the Day of Travel

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time on the day of travel. There are always factors that you can’t control, such as bad traffic or long security queues, so don’t risk missing your flight. Setting off early means you’ll have time to unwind – perhaps by browsing the duty-free shops or by having a nice meal to pass the time.

Make sure you’re aware of how long the journey is so that you can bring something in your hand luggage to occupy yourself during the flight. To ensure a relaxing flight if you’re travelling with children, bring a book or a games console to help them pass the time.

During Your Trip

As you’ll have already booked in advance the main attractions you want to see, there’s less pressure to cram everything into your holiday. That means you can let down your hair, relax and enjoy your trip, knowing that you’ll see everything that you intend to. What’s more, many tickets when booked in advance also allow you to jump queues, so you can even avoid any boring waiting time.

If you’re looking for a stress-free holiday this summer, planning is the key! Follow our top tips for a truly relaxing break.

Bio: Rachel Elders

Freelance travel writer and keen explorer of the great outdoors. Article written on behalf of Statesman Travel


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