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Going Long Distance, And Saving Some Money Too!

More and more people are travelling long distance these days. People want to see the world and they’re willing to spend more and more to do so; we can’t blame them at all! So when it comes to travelling to the countries on the other side of the world, you’re going to need to put a budget in place to keep you on your toes in shoes that hold up over all kinds of cobblestones.

Long distance isn’t something that should ever hold you back, and there’s a lot you can do to make sure it’s as comfortable and cool as it can be. You don’t have to fear 3+ hours on the airplane when you’ve got some good things packed away in your carry on! So if you’re thinking of a long distance expedition for the next time you go away, here’s the list for you.

Pack as Light as You Can

A long distance flight or hiking over an entire town before reaching your destination is going to take a lot out of you. And that means you’re going to need as little in your backpack as possible! Packing light means something different for everyone, and there’s always going to be things you can’t discard from your bag, but try and apply some general rules to your packing routine.

Depending on the airline you’re taking, there’s going to be restrictions on how much you can pack in your main handle. Try and pack at least 2 kilos underneath whatever the maximum is, as this means your arms are always going to be able to carry your main bag along with you. You won’t get overstretched or tired before reaching the place you’re staying!

At the end of the day, packing light is a great way to save money, as you won’t be paying for any extra services in the hotel or the hostel. Plus, you won’t have to make any late night or early trips to the store for any painkiller pills for your aching arms and legs. When you make sure you’ve got all of the essentials in your bag first of all, you won’t be making any hurried trips back and forth across the airport either!

Use Your Phone to Full Use

Your phone has all your booking details for the flight and the hotel, why not fit everything on there as well? It’ll save you from forking out for a map or a tourist guide, and it means you won’t have to pay any roaming charges as everything is already downloaded! And when you’re travelling, these can be killer. Make sure your cellular data is off and try to make an effort to only ever use wifi; no bills to come back home to, and you paid for the connection in the hotel anyway!

There’s a high chance your phone is going to be able to work just fine when you’re overseas, as companies are multi-international anyway. Just be sure to check your service provider capabilities before you go; it might be worth buying a SIM card that you know will keep you from losing money on extra amenities. So if you have a perfectly working phone, make sure its storage is as empty as it can be, and then stock up on a bunch of travel essentials.

You’re going to need a map of the general area, with your hotel clearly marked on it. You can also find maps that have all the restaurants and shops of interest to you nearby, make sure you have a copy of this saved to your photos. Similarly, make sure you’ve scouted the app store for anything you think might be useful for you when it comes to travelling internationally.

Try Renting Somewhere (it’s great for budgeting!)

Renting isn’t something we usually associate with going on holiday, even though we pay for staying in hotels for nights on end. However, renting is something that could be a good money saving move for you if you’re going further afield than you’ve ever gone before.

For example, a good way to enjoy somewhere in Asia would be to try and set down some of your roots, and look into a rental HDB flat close to where you’re staying. If you’re looking to stay more than a week, which you’re going to need to to make sure you’ve experienced everything, this means you’re only going to have to pay one bulk payment and still have all the amenities to your name.

Have Structure, But Not Too Much!

If you’re planning a trip away, of course you’re going to need a general itinerary to make sure you’re not going over budget or travelling to far away from the center of your trip. However, sticking to this plan like glue isn’t going to be so fun when you get there! You’re going to get distracted by multiple sights, sounds, and smells, so make sure you follow your gut and investigate these things. After all, it’s going to be a lot more expensive to book another trip overseas to experience everything you actually wanted to because your itinerary got in the way the first time.

Know when you need to check in, when you need to check out, the times you want to get up in the morning to make sure you’re seeing as much as you can, and when the best time for lunch is! Usually the hotel will take care of breakfast and dinner, but that doesn’t mean a spot of street food is out of the question. Explore what you want to, and don’t let a plan you made at home get in the way of your wanderlust.

Going long distance is something that can be a little scary, and sometimes we’re right to be apprehensive about what might happen. But really, travelling is always going to be a great experience when you’re going where you want to and you’re snapping all of the right shots of you and your friends.

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