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Where to Go for the Ultimate Proposal

Planning to pop the big question to your significant other? To make it more memorable and romantic, be sure to pick the right place. It has to be somewhere special, which will give your loved one a good reason to say YES, aside of course from the fact that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Below are some of the best destinations for an epic proposal.

Be Surrounded with Green and Blue in Ireland


If you’re dating someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland will be the perfect choice for your proposal. With green rolling hills, a charming coastline, and dramatic cliffs, this is a picturesque place to kneel and ask if your loved one will be part of your life forever. To make it even more romantic, do the proposal early in the morning, or out of season, before this popular spot gets too crowded.

Maldives Bioluminescent Beach

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A glow-in-the-dark beach might seem like a place that exists only in dreams, but in the Maldives, it is a stunning reality. This fairytale-like beach will make a unique setting to get down on one knee. The beach is home to ostracod crustaceans, which emit light and are the reason why the water looks as if it is lit with stars. These organisms produce luciferin, which is the one that is responsible for making them glow. Check out this Maldives guide for more information about this beautiful and romantic destination.

Watch the Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland 

Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that makes the sky glow, making it look as if there is a spectacular light show. You can see it in several places, but one of the most popular countries for this is Iceland. Proper timing of the proposal will be crucial here. Keep the ring on you at all times, then when the magical lights make their appearance, you can quickly propose whilst you’ve got the most incredible backdrop! Also, since you are proposing, choose to view the lights in a place that is private and not swarmed with curious tourists. Here’s some more information about planning your trip to Iceland. 

Hot Air Balloon over Dubai


Dubai is full of so many fabulous and glamorous places to go and things to do, that there are many wonderful ways to propose. One of the best ways is going in a hot air balloon. Up in the air, you and your partner will enjoy utmost privacy, making it a good place for a proposal. After popping the question, enjoy marvelous views of the city that you will not be able to see anywhere else. It might be expensive, but the ride is sure to be worth it, and it is the perfect opportunity for a newly-engaged impromptu photo shoot!

Catch the Sunset in a Sahara Desert

Sahara desert

Known as one of the largest deserts in the world, this is another unique location for a wedding proposal. It may be dry and dusty, but it is also romantic and private. The sky, mountain, or ocean can be your backdrop, depending on the specific location that you choose. Prepare a picnic in the middle of the desert, complete with wine and candles. Surely it will be impossible to decline a proposal when you are in such a beautiful setting.


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