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Get Fit For Your Holiday And On Your Holiday


Getting beach ready has come under fire recently.  Whilst the concept of having the ultimate beach body should be based around what you see as a healthy image, there has been a drive through the media to ban the use of thinner looking models that have been altered in photo edits, when advertising diets or fitness aids.  

A beach body shouldn’t be about one particular shape, so that isn’t what we are focussed on here.  We think the ultimate beach body is the one you are confident with, if you are walking across the sand, happy and confident in yourself, it doesn’t matter what size you are, you will look stunning.  So we are writing this article for you, no matter what shape or size you are.  If you are working on the body of your dreams and getting ready for your summer vacation, then we have some brilliant ways of keeping up your goals whilst you are on holiday.  

Let’s start with the preparations.  Firstly you need to decide what your perfect body image is.  Don’t let photos of women in magazines lead you.  Look at your friends, the ones you think are most beautiful, look at other women in real life who are a similar shape and size to you.  Once you have worked out what you think looks great and is achievable, you can get started on your journey.

Before even starting on a weight loss diet or fitness plan there are some big changes to make.  Firstly, you need to ensure you are drinking enough water a day.  If you think you aren’t, then work on changing this habit first.  If you are dehydrated you will feel hungrier and snack more and you won’t feel capable of taking on any new physical activity.  So work on this first.  Take two weeks to increase the amount of water you drink.  You will notice some great changes and will even see a little weight loss too.  


Check out your diet and ensure you are getting lots of omega 3 fatty acids and plenty of variety across your vegetables.  Again, eating clean – this means ditching the processed stuff – will have a great impact on your overall well being.  So if you can master this for a few weeks, it will become easier to start dieting.

You need to choose a fitness regime that suits you.  If you want to get into running then start out by taking a 30 minute walk, 5 days a week.  You will increase your fitness levels and get into the routine.  Often it is the routine that is hard to crack.  So work on that before trying to take on any major challenges.  

You may decide to choose a celebrity weight loss program, that’s fine but ensure you have done plenty of research on what works.  There are some really informative articles like this one on kayla itsines bbg workout which might make you think about your choices.  

Stay focused on your goal and keep a track of your measurements more than your weight loss.  You will find you gain weight if you are building muscles, however you will be losing inches.  It helps to have a diary with weekly updates on your body shape.  If you are really brave, take a photo of you in a bikini at the start.  Then photograph yourself each week or month to see your progress.

So, what about when you hit your vacation?  You may have reached your goal, which is fantastic.  Perhaps you haven’t quite made it but are pleased with the results.  The important thing here, if you want lasting results or to continue with your transformation, is not to head out on your holidays and go crazy.  We think a great way of finding a balance between your fitness regime and your holiday fun, is to research some fantastic healthy days out whilst you are away.  You can get really creative with this and you may not even feel like you are burning calories.  Here are some great ideas.


If you are heading out on a ski vacation then you are probably going to be pushing your fitness levels in a different way from your normal routine.  This is great and could really boost your weight loss.  However you could take advantage of one of the quieter moments.  Check out Mountain top yoga and see if there are any classes at your resort.  It is a fantastic way of easing tired muscles and finding peace.  You will clear your mind, take in lots of fresh, clean air and if you haven’t tried yoga before you may discover a passion for it.  Yoga is a great way of helping to keep the weight off and toning up your muscles.

Heading out for a beachside holiday is amazing.  But don’t just lie on your towel soaking up the sun and drinking cocktails.  Beach volleyball is an incredibly energetic sport and you can play it with all the family, regardless of age.  Also, if you have started to run then keep up the routine whilst you are away.  Running on the sand, first thing in the morning, is not only incredibly beautiful and peaceful, it will also work your leg muscles harder than running on a solid surface.  Of course, swimming in the sea is another great way of staying on top of your fitness routine.  Swimming against the natural current of the sea will have you working harder, even trying to stay in one spot takes skill.  However educate yourself on rip tides by checking out this handy guide.

Finally, if you are off camping then consider taking your mountain bike with you and cycling instead of walking.  You could also look at exploring your surroundings on horseback.  This is a great way of working your core and as you are constantly working on your balance which is thrown off by the movement of the horse.  

So this year, make your dream of having a beach body, become a long lasting life commitment.  Be confident, be beautiful and be yourself.

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