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First Comes Fall, Second Comes Winter, Then Comes Your Heli Skiing Adventure

First Comes Fall, Second Comes Winter, Then Comes Your Heli Skiing Adventure

Heli skiing — it’s quick change for the more awkward mouthful that is helicopter skiing. However you say it, it’s a popular sport that combines a mind-blowing helicopter ride through the Canadian Rockies (the Kootenays, to be exact.

Heart-pumping run through the best skiing conditions in the world. If you’re ready to capture adventure and thrill during your next skiing vacation, then it’s time to book a trip out to BC where you can experience heli skiing for yourself this winter season.

First and foremost, heli skiing’s top advantage is the snow conditions. The natural climate in the Rockies creates the best environmental conditions possible for those who want fresh, uncut snow.

There are frequent snowfalls of uncut snow, and the temperature range remains low enough to make sure it never melts. Instead of man-made, overrun snow, you have nature’s best.

Without having to deal with less than desirable snow conditions, you can focus on what you really want: speed and vertical. Both are unique hallmarks to the sport, as you can reach thrill speeds as your rush down the Rockies.

Before you know it, you’ll have eaten up impressive vertical. Certain operators, like those at Great Canadian, will encourage you to tally as many metres as possible. When helicopter skiing with, you’re allowed unlimited vertical — so you’re never punished for conquering more of the mountain.

First Comes Fall, Second Comes Winter, Then Comes Your Heli Skiing Adventure

Vertical, speed, and cutting your own mark down a mountain would be impossible without the exclusive vacation packages that operators like Great Canadian offer.

The average trip up to the Kootenays is limited to groups of four, plus a special guide to help you maximize your enjoyment of the mountains.

You won’t be navigating the Rockies and having to keep an eye out for strangers. It’s just you and your small party that has full access to the peaks.

If you’re ready to see what a BC heli skiing experience feels like, then it’s time to see what sort of packages are available for the upcoming season.

Though summer is only just ending, it will be here before you know it, so be proactive: ask your fellow skiers who else wants to chase adventure down the Rockies, and pick a date that works for all of your schedules.

Chance are by the time your first heli skiing trip is over, you’ll be booking your second — with plans for a third and fourth.

First Comes Fall, Second Comes Winter, Then Comes Your Heli Skiing Adventure

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