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Every Second Counts: Three Of The Best City Breaks

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The third Monday in January is affectionately known by many as ‘Blue Monday’ as it’s usually the day that people receive their credit card bill, realizing just how much Christmas, not to mention the endless glasses of New Year’s Eve bubbly, has cost them. We can’t give you an extra week’s holiday, nor some spare cash, but we can tell you the best places for a weekend break!

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Famous for its canals, coffee shops, and endless culture Amsterdam is a capital city like no other. Home of the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and modern art mecca Stedelijk,  Amsterdam is frequented by, well, just about everyone. Here, art students, historians, and backpackers mix with cycling tours, families, and even corporate groups. No visit to Amsterdam is complete without seeing the Anne Frank House, once the hiding place for eight Jewish citizens, including teenage Anne, during the Nazi occupation of Holland. The stairs are narrow, every sound carries and there’s little space, so you begin to get an idea of the challenges the group faced. The city’s also home to numerous legal cannabis coffee shops, although the ‘extra’ is optional, Dutch architecture and grand churches. Not to mention the infamous red-light district, not one for the kids, and some glamorous risqué windows.

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Barcelona is a buzzing, bright city with some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe, so much so it’s even won awards! A wicked place for a weekend break with friends, Barcelona is all about happening nightlife, delicious street food and, thanks to its Mediterranean climate, endless hours of year round sunshine. Want to dive straight in? Many companies offer Barcelona airport transfers to hotels so you’ll be out and about in no time! Try some authentic Spanish seafood in the Catalan district or wander the streets of Ciutat Vella, where, in the Gothic Quarter, you’ll find some truly incredible buildings. Art lovers will make a beeline to the Picasso Museum, which houses the very best of the fantastic, surreal paintings by the grand master himself Pablo Picasso. Elsewhere, football fans will love a trip to Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona and the largest stadium in Spain.

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Perfect for couples Rome, Italy is undeniably romantic. The city is both classical and incredibly beautiful with pretty neighborhood trattorias, elegant public monuments, and iconic archaeological sites. Here, you can wander the piazzas, pose for selfies on the historical Spanish Steps and treat your loved one to something extra special from one of countless designer boutiques. It’s a breathtaking city and so many amazing sights crammed into one place you’ll hardly know where to start! Why not head to the Coliseum? An icon of the Roman Empire, here men, battled lions for the entertainment of the baying crowds and the Emperor himself. At the Vatican marvel at  intricate paintings, ornate statues, and fabulous frescoes as well as the infamous Sistine Chapel ceiling. Painted by Michelangelo, his  magnificent work is revered as the best example of Renaissance art. Before you leave, make sure to throw a coin, or two, in the Trevi Fountain as it’s said it guarantees a return visit!

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