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Essential Hiking Gear Every Woman On The Trail Should Be Carrying

Backpacking Basics

If you are an active woman with a yearning for adventure, there’s no doubt that you will eventually hit the hiking trails. The serenity and beauty of a quiet forest, a small crystal clear lake or a stunning vista can be too hard to pass up.

To truly be prepared for the great outdoors you need to be carrying the right equipment. Every trip is different and it’s important to consider all the variables. The length of your hike, the seasonal weather and the altitude can all play important roles in what you should bring along with you.

Whether you are planning the ultimate hiking experience with a trek to Manaslu or just planning a weekend on some local trails, being prepared for anything is the key. Make sure that you have everything on our list of essentials for hikers before you hit the trail.

Water Carrier

When you are out on the trail, water is your lifeline. The importance of having enough water cannot be understated. Without water, you can face dangerous dehydration in a short period of time. Having more than one water reservoir is advisable in case of breakage or leakage. 

Carry a cooler bottle with you that can clip onto your pack as well as a water bladder that can attach to your pack or be worn tightly against the body. For longer hikes, you should have some water purification tablets or a LifeStraw with you in case you need to fill up on water from an unsafe source.

Orientation Gear

Getting lost in the woods can be a nightmare even for the most experienced hikers. Always make sure that you have an up to date map of your route that shows landmarks and signage. A handheld GPS unit or a phone app is recommended. Never forget to take a standard compass with you. When all else fails, you can always trust a compass to point you in the general direction that you need to go.


Carry a small sunscreen spray or moist towelette for protection from UV rays. A hiking hat with a wide brim can help keep you cool and the sun off of your head. Include a lip balm that has sunscreen in it as well as a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the strong summer glare.

First Aid Kit

Small camping and hiking first aid kits are available at any outdoors store and are an essential trekking necessity. Make sure that your kit has bandaging, pain reliever and burn ointment. A splint kit or a sling are also excellent additions to your hiking emergency kit.

Utility Knife

Even if you don’t want to carry a knife or multi-tool on your belt like many hikers, you should still have one in your bag. You never know when you may need a blade. Your multi-tool should be lightweight, durable and easy to store. Make sure that your tool includes a flint or fire making tool in case you need to build a fire.


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