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Creature Comforts to Take on Your Next Camping Trip

Autumn nature hiker girl walking in national park in Quebec with backpack. Woman tourist going camping in forest. Canada travel hiking tourism at Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Riviere-Malbaie National Park.

The great outdoors! There is nothing quite like a camping trip in the great outdoors. Whether you are a seasoned veteran having conquered the woods before or a total newbie looking for advice, it’s nice to have an idea of what creature comforts you can take along with you. 

A tent, sleeping bag, and clothes are the obvious stuff. This article will discuss some of the more comforting items you can take to make your home away from home in the outdoors that much better. 

Communication Supplies

Even though you are trying to get away from the real world, you should have a phone for emergencies. You might find it is also an excellent way to keep fussy kids busy for a while. So how do we keep the lifeline safe? 

A good phone case is an absolute must, even if you aren’t camping. Getting yourself something like a Casely phone case with additional protection against drops or battery-extending capabilities is an all-around good idea. 

Even if it is just for one night, having a small battery pack or portable charger on hand is advisable for your peace of mind and safety. Your connection to the outside world should be ready to use throughout your trip in case of accidents or family needs to contact you. 

Sleeping Equipment

We have already mentioned a sleeping bag. However, you can make things even more comfortable for yourself with a few other things you might not immediately think about taking. 

We will start with sleeping mats or air mattresses. Sleeping mats add an extra layer between you and the floor. They don’t just let you have a more restful snooze, either — the right cushioning can prevent back pain and injury

Next on the list is a pillow. This added creature comfort can help make the nights more comfortable. Most sleeping bags come with some padding but having a pillow can go a long way. Go for a pillow you don’t care about as much just in case it gets a little muddy. Inflatable pillows are a good compromise between comfort and space-saving gear. 

Energizing Snacks

Snacks do more than make your time in the wilderness more enjoyable — the best camping snacks re-fuel you for long hikes and the labour of setting up camp. 

Along with your meal items, grab snacks rich in protein to boost your energy levels. Homemade trail mix, nuts, or just plain and simple jerky are all good. 

Of course, don’t leave out your favourite snacks. Marshmallows for s’mores and good chips are great for sitting around the campfire or resting by a lake. 

Make sure that these snacks have a decent shelf life, though, so they don’t immediately go rotten.  

Whatever you bring, make sure you have extra in case you have to share.

To Conclude

Ensuring your safety, health, and comfort while camping is a must. Take in the sites and silence of the woods and enjoy your break away from the hustle and bustle. 

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