Choosing a Location for a Cruise

One of the hardest parts of booking a cruise is deciding where to go. With so many amazing routes to choose from and different parts of the world to explore, narrowing it down can be tricky. Here is some inspiration, featuring some of the most popular routes in the globe to help you put together a shortlist of the best locations, so you can set sail on your cruising adventure as soon as possible:


For those looking to experience the natural beauty of the world, heading to Alaska is necessary. On a cruise through Alaska, you’ll be impressed by the awe inspiring natural glaciers and snow-capped mountains that surround the narrow inside passages through the cliffs. The scenic cruising element of an Alaska cruise provides plenty of opportunity to spot amazing wildlife including sea lions on the shore, whales, and rare birds, such as bald eagles.

Cruising Around Alaska
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North America

If you’re wanting to explore and pick up some historical knowledge along the way, cruising around North America is ideal. With routes with the Bolsover Cruise Club, that call at major cities such as Boston and Massachusetts, it’s the perfect way to see less touristy areas whilst travelling in style. There are several different North America routes, with some calling at Montreal and Quebec on the way, so look around to find the perfect route for you.

Europe and the Mediterranean

The best cruise for a mixture of both gorgeous beaches, stunning cities, and plenty of things to do is a European cruise. With cruise ports in most of the major cities, you can explore Rome, Venice, Barcelona, and the Greek Islands all in one go with a European cruise. From spending the day gorgeous Lake Garda enjoying Lemon Cello to relaxing on a Barcelona beach, there’s so much variety and diversity that a European cruise is the best for all-round.

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The Canary Islands

For sun seekers who want their cruise to be the ultimate in rest and recuperation, a Canary Island cruise is ideal. Each island has its own charm, from the barren volcanic landscape of Lanzarote to the vast sand dunes of Fuerteventura. There’s little for culture vultures to seek out with the islands mostly being quite small but very picturesque with lots to explore.

With so many different cruising locations to choose from, look at all the different adventures available to find the perfect cruise for you with so many tailored to different interests available.

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