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How to Choose Sunglasses for Travel

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When looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses for travelling with there are a few things that you need to know or at least look out for. Whilst travelling you’ll probably spend a substantial amount of your time wearing your sunnies, they’ll be one of your prized possessions, especially if they’re prescription. This means that you shouldn’t be picking your sunglasses just by how they look – yes this is important. No-one wants to look back at our favorite memories of a once in a lifetime trip and cringe at the site of the very practical, but oh so ugly sunglasses hiding our face. You should be choosing them based on comfort, durability and practicality as well as whether they suit your face.

Depending on what kind of traveler you are you might need sunglasses that suit what activities you will be taking part in. If you’re adventurous and are planning on trying out paddle boarding or kayaking for the first time, you need something that is going to survive the water and will reduce the glare from the water. Picking a pair of sunnies that have an acetate frame and polarized lenses will ensure they survive the inevitable contact with water and protect your eyes from the harshness of the sun.

If you are planning a holiday where you do nothing but lie by the pool or on the beach them you don’t need to focus so much on whether they can survive a little bit of neglect. You need to focus on choosing glasses with a high UV protection rating and a polarized lenses, which will reduce the reflected glare from the water, sand and even those gorgeous white sunbeds that surround the pool. There are loads if great places to do a little extra research on what you should look for in sunglasses to get the best out of them, the research for this article is from The Optical Centre.

No matter what kind of holiday you’re planning you need to choose sunglasses that are comfortable, this means they should be lightweight. Wearing heavy sunglasses can lead to headaches as well as just being plain irritating! Lightweight sunnies will allow you to wear them from breakfast in the sunshine to the moment the sun goes down, without any discomfort. It’s also a great idea to check that the sunglasses you love can be purchases in the correct prescription if you need one, most modern sunglasses do have the option.

You also need to choose sunglasses that suit your face. For those with round faces you should look for frames that are a little more angular so that they give your face a little dimension, but be careful to avoid round frames as they might not flatter you. If you have a heart shaped face channel Reese Witherspoon and stick to the classic wayfarer style, this will help balance your features. Those of you that have a square face should stick to softer shapes, circular frames will be the most flattering as they will soften and balance. If you are one the uber lucky people who has an oval face then you can wear almost any frames, you want to avoid anything that is too narrow or too big for you face. To find out what face shape you have you could check out VisionDirectAU’s Find Your Face Shape feature.

If you lost your favorite pair of sunnies somewhere between the safe place and the airport then maybe you need sunglasses that can be easily stashed into your jacket pocket or a zip up pouch on your backpack. There are some great folding sunglasses which could make them the perfect travel companion for the clumsy, distracted or even distressed adult travelling with children. They also make a great hack for travelling with limited luggage space as you can make use of smaller compartments in your rucksack or purse.


Our Top Tips for Choosing Sunglasses for Travel:

  • Lightweight: look for acetate or plastic frames that aren’t super bulky, as they won’t be heavy
  • Comfortable: do the frames curve a little towards the face and are the temple pieces well shaped to sit gently for long periods. Also check whether the nose pads or area look like they’ll fit comfortably
  • UV Protection: look for sunnies which have a high UV protection rating and block both UV and UVB rays
  • Sturdy: plastic and acetate frames will be able to handle a little careless handling so will last longer.
  • Polarised Lenses: spending a little extra on this is a great investment, as reducing harsh glares protects your eyes in the long run
  • Prescription: if you need prescription lenses check that the frames you or they like can be ordered or purchased with the correct prescription.

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