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13 Tips on items to pack for Tropical Destination

13 Tips on items to pack for Tropical Destination (plus a few things to get when you are there) These are the items that I try my best not to forget to pack when we head off for our next trip.  1. Travel adaptor – You can get one fairly cheap (and easy) off of eBay, as you will only be using it while travelling there no point in paying a $80 for one from the airport. 2. Sea sick pills – If you need to get to your destination via boat or will be going on a tour via boat, save yourself some ill feelings (pun intended!), get some sea sick pills! These will save some heart ache and bad memories! I wish I had remembered these when we went sailing to Koh Pha-ngan. You can get these in most holiday destinations but if you aren’t in an area to shop or…

Pre-Travel Tips

 What do we need to do before going on trip ? I bet that is what you ask yourself before going on a long trip, well probably not...There are several thoughts running through your head when you’re planning your holiday, none of which seem important at the time, all that matters is getting away form work and the mundane everyday life and spending your time sipping cocktails on the beach or adventuring through a jungle! I have created a great list of pre-travel tips and the things that I usually organise before going on holiday. Hopefully it can help to make sure your holiday is all it can be! 1. Call your bank and let them know where your going and for how long, let them know that you will be using your cards and find out the phone number to report lost or stolen cars overseas. Remember to always contact the lost or stolen hotline as…