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The 10 Best Foods in the World and Where to Eat Them

We all have our favourite foods; the ones that we dream about and the ones that make our mouth water as soon as we get a waft of their delicious aroma. However, if you feel the need to step out of your comfort zone and expand your culinary palette, or you'd simply like to know where to get the best ice cream, here's 10 of the best foods in the world, and where to eat them. Check out a fellow blogger Valen's article about food around the world, it goes very well with this post! Eat Oysters in Northern Ireland Definitely an acquired taste, the best oysters in the world come from Strangford in Northern Ireland. Apparently, it's all down to the speed of the tide and the nutrient rich water in this area. Try the best barbecue in Texas Americans love barbecue, and where better to eat it than in…
Raw Vegan Strawberry Bliss Balls - One

Raw Vegan Strawberry Bliss Balls

Hi there fellow Travelling King followers! My name is Anna from shenANNAgans. I am delighted to be guest posting here with Sam today. Sam has a real zest for travel that you cannot help but be inspired to dust off the passport, pack your bags and get adventuring too. shenANNAgans is a food and travel website, it’s also my brag book, my journal, my (occasional) ranting space and my creative corner of the interwebs. You’ll find me hanging out behind the scenes interviewing my foodie friends, globetrotting with a fork or eating utensil in hand (my global travels strongly focus on food), cooking up a storm in my kitchen and occasionally I’ll get my review on too. A few months back I had a gruelling conversation with my doctor that landed me on a massively strict diet that excludes gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol & caffeine. Yes, the thought of living…