Bed Bugs: Souvenirs and Memories May Not Be The Only Things You’re Bringing Home From Vacation

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After a vacation, you bring with your memories of the trip and the last thing you want to have brought back home are bedbugs. These are small blood suckers that cling on your clothes or belongings after spending some time in a place they are. They are stubborn pests and hard to get rid of completely. It is better you avoid having them in your house than fighting to get them out.

This article discusses how you can avoid bringing them home after a trip.

Know how they look like

You first need to know what a bedbug is and how it looks like. You need to differentiate it from other pests. A young bedbug has a creamy colour while an adult bedbug is brown. They crawl and not jump. If you are spending time in a hotel and you notice a bedbug, pick it and put it in a plastic bag to be sure it is indeed one. Notify the management immediately so that they can take action. The hotel can notify the fumigators. If you are in New York, you can visit for any bedbug services.

Keep your Belongings safe

Avoid placing your belongings on the bed before inspecting if there are any bedbugs. These pests like hiding on wooden bed edges and other furniture in the room. You can place your bags on glass table or in the bath tab if any and do a thorough search. The bed, pillow cases and under the mattresses is where they like hiding. Check the mosquito nets too for bed bugs like clinging on them waiting for you to fall asleep and enjoy your blood. Be sure the room is safe for you before unpacking. You can also choose to keep your belongings hanged on the wall than put on the floor.

Check before Repacking

Before putting your belongings back in your bags, make sure you check to see if there is a bedbug in them. Also make sure to treat your clothes as if they have bedbugs once you get back home. You can put the clothes in the washing machine and later in drier with high temperatures. If you don’t have a drier, you can put your clothes and your bags out when the sun is hot. Bedbugs will not survive in hot temperatures. Also, fumigate your house every time you come back from trips or host visitors. This will help to keep these pests away. Once in a while put bedding out in the sun for a few hours.

Bedbugs can be embarrassing for they can just decide to take a walk on your nice suit when you are in the middle of a meeting. They do not choose who to cling to and will get to you regardless of your social status in the society. It is important to keep them off your home to avoid such incidents. It is important to inspect your house too and especially the bedding and couches and take action if you see one in your home.

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