Beach Balls and Baseballs: Must-Do Things for Everyone to Enjoy in Southern California

Ahh, Southern California. With sun, surf and celebrities, Los Angeles is the center of fun and adventure for millions of visitors each year.

There are, in fact, so many things to do that you may feel overwhelmed with making a decision on what to see and where to go but that’s okay, though…it’s what makes the City of Angels so great.

Whether you enjoy tourist attractions, sightseeing or just relaxing on the beach, Los Angeles has something for everyone. If you’re planning on vacationing in the city, here are a few things you that may pique your interest:

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The Sights

There are so many sightseeing opportunities in Los Angeles that you could spend months in the city and not see them all. But there are a few that are a must-see if you want to fully experience L.A.

Built in 1935 and free to the public, the view from Griffith Observatory is amazing, situated on a peak that overlooks and offers a panoramic view of the entire city.

If you’re near Santa Monica, the pier is a great place to take the family: it has fishing, restaurants and amusement rides like its famous solar-paneled ferris wheel.

The Staples Center is located downtown and always has concerts, sporting events and other activities.

There is something for everyone, and these are only the few activities that you can enjoy in the city.

The Sports

Los Angeles is a great sporting city. If you want to check out a professional sporting event, you can easily get L.A. Dodgers tickets if you like baseball or Lakers tickets if you’re a fan of basketball.

There are also NFL, NHL and WNBA teams that play in the city, so there is always time to catch a game.

But professional sports isn’t the only option for you. There are things you can do as well. There are hiking trails scattered throughout and around the city if you want to get off the beaten path.

Skydiving is big in the area for those seeking a little more of an adrenaline-pumping adventure. You can even go whitewater rafting or stake out a spot in one of the area’s many campgrounds.

The Surf

Los Angeles is known for its famous beaches and no vacation would be complete without a little sand, surf and sun.

Venice Beach is by far the most famous beach, with its well-known workout station and restaurants that line the sand. Manhattan, Hermosa and Cabrillo beaches are also popular with locals and tourists alike and offer great getaways from the city.

No trip to a Los Angeles beach is complete without a little surfing. There are hundreds of surf shops that give lessons, so don’t be afraid to hang 10! Just make sure to follow proper surfing etiquette or you could frustrate the locals.

Los Angeles can be a great destination for a family vacation or just a weekend getaway. These are just a few of the possibilities in the City of Angels.

Bio: Alisha Field is a longtime travel and sports writer who loves to post online and join discussion forums. She hopes her insights and expertise on sports and traveling can be of use to other people.

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