Be Digitally Safe Around the Globe, Use a VPN while Traveling!

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Using a VPN is as paramount as having your passport along with you while traveling. It’s a widely acknowledged fact that internet becomes the all-important medium to stay connected with your loved ones back home while traveling. Be it via social media, VoIP services or email, you need internet to remain connected to your life in your home country. However, there are numerous snoopers who are aching to get hold of the valuable information stored on your devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc) and they usually prey on travelers.

What is a VPN?

VPN or a Virtual Private Network essentially safeguards your devices connected to the internet by keeping your online presence safe, secure and private. A VPN anonymyzes you by virtually assigning you a different IP of another location, it protects you via secure protocols and encryption, and it tunnels/route your traffic through its protected servers to make sure that your communication is not monitored.

VPN providers have servers located around the world, which allows you to channel your internet requests from various locations. This grants you the ability to bypass geo-restrictions and browse an online world without any boundaries.

When you’re traveling, prying eyes are set on you, especially on public Wi-Fi’s. Your information means a lot to you, but keep in mind that it is nothing less than a treasure trove for hackers.

How to Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi While Traveling?

It’s easy to get access to a free public Wi-Fi but it is a very risky move since you’re potentially inviting hackers to get hold of the data stored on your device. With hackers all around public Wi-Fi’s, here’s what is actually at risk:

  1. Social Accounts

Your login credentials and social profiles can be hacked with the rest of your information being compromised as well if you log into your social accounts while connected to a public Wi-Fi.

  1. Bank Accounts

A hacker can conveniently hack into your bank details and retrieve your bank information such as the funds transferred or made to your account. The hacker can go on to transfer funds from your account to theirs, without your knowledge or approval.


  1. Devices’ Data

If you’re traveling abroad for a meeting, documents and data are of utmost importance to you. A hacker can manipulate your documents and make changes or delete them completely.

  1. Ransom ware and DDoS Attacks

Various countries have their own expertise. An expert at DDoS attacks can take down your computer completely. A ransomware artist can blackmail you by demanding monetary gains otherwise wiping out data from your device altogether or locking it permanently.

The easiest way to be secured with these is to use a vpn while traveling and connected to public wi-fi. You should subscribe to the best VPN for travelers. With the Rio Olympics going on, a lot of people will be traveling to Brazil. Brazil is amongst those countries that are notorious for cyber crimes. In order to protect your privacy and security of your data, buy VPN and stay protected at all times while traveling to Brazil or other destinations.

How to Subscribe to the Best VPN for Travelers and the Benefits

Shopping around for a VPN can be a tiresome process. With various VPN providers claiming to be the best, it’s hard to make an informed choice. However, there’s one VPN provider, PureVPN, which specializes in providing excellent privacy and security to its users while they’re traveling or at home.

purevpn best vpn for travelers

PureVPN has a pool of 80,000+ IPs and over 550+ servers located in 140+ countries. It is a highly recommended VPN client for streaming, unblocking geo-restricted websites, supreme privacy with 256-bit military-grade encryption and a dedicated round-the-clock customer support team.

When you’re connected to PureVPN, you are invulnerable to all sorts of cyber attacks and get the ability to maintain your privacy and security of your devices at all times.

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