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Austria: Affordable Travel Guide for Students

Austria is a culturally rich country in Europe and is blessed with trendy bars, wine taverns, historic buildings and fantastic snow-covered mountains. It is the origin of classical music being the native country of Strauss and Mozart.

It is an interesting country to study, with many of its universities being ranked highly internationally. Considering that the country is a cultural and historical gem, it is not a cheap destination but it’s truly worth every penny. Read through the travel guide to understand how you can travel to Austria and enjoy your vacation.

GOSAU, AUSTRIA - : Man climbing on Laserer alpin via ferrata over Vorderer Gosausee lake with Grosser Donnerkogel Mountain in background in Gosau, Austria.

Travel via train

Traveling via train may allow you to comfortably see beautiful views of Austria. You can connect directly from Vienna to any tourism destination and enjoy the amazing breathtaking mountains, historic villages, and towns. However, for you to enjoy cheaper travel rates, book early. Since train tickets cannot be returned or refunded, plan your trips well, and stick to your schedule.

As a student, you can keep your budget under control and possibly save some money to use later for more trips around the world. That is, if you save money in Austria as it’s so beautiful that it’s guaranteed to consume every bit of your savings. The best part is that you won’t regret it.

Writing college papers while traveling

No doubt, Austria will mesmerize you and leave you asking for more. The beauty all around and your desire to reap the maximum of your travel plans might put you behind on the study plans. Education for students is important and you need to contact a writing service in that case. 

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Use tourist cards

Tourist cards and, more so, regional cards allow you to have unlimited access to public transport in Austria. Public transportation is helpful and cost-effective. For instance, using a Vienna card allows you to get numerous discounts in theatres, museums, shops, restaurants, and cafes. The card allows you discounts to over 200 attractions and museums.

Other cards that you can use include the Salzburg card and the Innsbruck card. After buying a card, you are issued with a booklet highlighting the discounts available in various locations. Plan your itinerary well because the list in the booklet can make you feel overwhelmed.

Festive cityscape - view of the Vienna Christmas World and Vienna City Hall (Wiener Rathaus) on Rathausplatz, Austria

Consider cheap hotels

It could be better for you to spend money going to theatres, concerts, and museums instead of spending a lot of it on accommodationAustria has so many luxurious hotels that are quite tempting to book. Seek accommodation in a cheaper but cozy hotel and save some money to buy a few souvenirs back home. 

One popular accommodation option is lodging with Airbnb. With Airbnb, all you need to do is visit their website and enter your travel details such as the arrival and departure date. You will receive various options and you can select one that falls within your budget. When selecting the accommodation, check the surroundings within the location. For instance, you need to be in a place close to the public transportation system. 

Reduce spending on food 

Spending a lot of money on food in Austria may be a good idea. You can consider some options to cut down food costs and still enjoy nice delicacies. Try buying food from the supermarkets that are spread across the country, such as Penny, Lidl, and Billa.

These international chains allow you to find something that you can enjoy at any time. You can buy your favorite fresh juice, cheese, granola bars, and sandwiches to keep you energetic all day long. 

Snack bars and other cheaper cafes can also allow you to save some money on food. If you choose to stay in a hotel, choose one that offers breakfast only so that you can buy the rest of the meals at a lower price elsewhere.


Austria will always offer something exciting and memorable. The country has incredible scenery because its largest portion is covered by mountains. However, it is not a cheap destination, especially for students. You may have saved some money for some time for you to have a dream experience in this country. Follow the above guide and enjoy your trip to Austria without exhausting your money.

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