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Airport envy: The Ultimate Travel Outfit for Men

Forget the joggers and the oversized hoodie, this summer make your travel outfit the envy of every other guy at the airport as you tick off all the style and comfort boxes on your trip. Here’s a head to toe breakdown of what you need:

Mens fashion and travel

The baseball cap

Baseball caps have made a comeback and are the perfect accessory for that flight to somewhere sunny. Look for one with a slogan or retro logo embroidered on the front to tap into the Dad hat trend that’s still going strong from 2016.

The aviators

You can’t go wrong with a pair of mirrored aviators, ideal if you fancy a snooze on the plane just don’t wear them while going through security or you might just end up getting frisked.

aviator sunglasses

The multi functional backpack

Backpacks are ideal carry on bags for your summer getaway. They’re able to hold plenty of items with pockets and zips to use to keep valuables safe and stashed away and they also don’t look like that rucksack you used to carry to school but have a had a fashionable revamp. Grab one for your airport outfit and wear it slung over one shoulder out of the way but ensuring it’s still easy to access when you have to get through security.

The bomber jacket

Air cons will get you down if you don’t take a good looking jacket along with you for the journey, even if you’re landing somewhere mega hot. Look for a soft suede material to add a little luxe to your airport lounge look and leave unzipped for easy, laidback style. A jacket with inside pockets is a bonus, allowing you to keep your passport, boarding pass, wallet and keys close by and easy to access at those crucial moments.

The plain t-shirt

Basics are making a name for themselves in 2017, as we return to what we know and love best with plain coloured t-shirts that go with everything. White or black tees are best suited for this look but you could also dabble in blues and greens for something a little different.

The chino shorts

An easy way to double up your holiday wardrobe, a decent pair of chino shorts are ideal for travelling but can also be worn for evenings in the hotel bar during your getaway. Look for an easy to style colour such as black or tan – although has some fun pink and green shades and even patterned styles if you are feeling adventurous.


The fashion trainers

You might be tempted to wear your flip flops while on the plane, it would mean your feet would stay a normal temperature, but it’s a good idea to wear your heaviest pair of shoes for the airport to avoid weighing down the case. That’s why you should wear the fashion trainers you’re likely to wear most evenings for dinner and drinks out, not only will they finish off this airport look but they’ll be comfy too.


Ready to pack your bags and head off on that trip? Adopt this look for your travels and look stylish whether you’re indulging in that pre-flight beer or hopping off the plane at your destination.

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