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Advice for First-time International Travellers

Travel is important since it ultimately transforms us. It does what no classroom can: gets us out of our comfort zone, builds our character and opens our minds. Traveling the world is a common dream all of us share to some extent. Some of us are content to explore the beauties of our country, while others have a bucket list that is several miles long.

If you have decided to tackle on that bucket list and travel much of the year, make sure you do it safely. While there are many things to remember, there are a few key points to keep in mind as a first-time (or nervous) international traveller.

Eiffel Tower - Where to stay in Paris – Close to Famous attractions

Destination Education

Whether you know that you are going to visit France or simply want to wander around Europe for the summer, make sure that you educate yourself on the language and the culture of the area. More than that, laws, entry and exit requirements, medical care, road safety, and other custom regulations can be crucial knowledge to have when traveling abroad.

Keep Your Information Safe

While at home, you keep your personal documents organized and safely stored in your wallet. However, as you travel, you need to be extremely careful not to lose something along the way – something that could help an individual use your identity on paperwork and commit fraud. Passports and identification cards are important for travel so make sure that they stay with you. You do not want to be stuck in a foreign country without proper identification.

Love the Locals

There are guides for every country, but how much of their suggestions should you follow? These guides provide valuable information about the history of the area, and will point out some of the best ng attractions, restaurants and activities you can try during your stay. However, these guides will not help you get a true, offbeat experience in a new country. Learn the language and ask locals for their recommendations as well.

Bring Plenty of Money

Do not underestimate how much your trip will cost. This may include hotel costs, bus travel costs, souvenirs and nights out with friends. While you should save up several months before to have enough to budget your international trip, refrain yourself from shopping to much. Not only will those expensive things (especially those worn outward) make you particularly vulnerable to thieves but you will also be able to allocate that extra cash to charter a jet and travel in style. A much better alternative than taking a budget flight and several trains, right?

Panic Isn’t the Answer

If you are prepared and work to keep yourself safe as you go, a small bump or inconvenience is no need to fall into a panic. Whether you lose a $20 bill (or the equivalent in the country that you are in) or the hotel has to give you a smaller room, panic will only make an embarrassing situation into something much worse. Panic in your travel plans can ruin a trip, so it is crucial you take things in stride and keep a calm head.

Hokitika Gorge

Travel is an experience we should all cherish as pleasant and interesting memories. However, if you do not prepare well, travel can simply be a nightmare that never seems to end. It may not seem fun to plan so much ahead, but it will be well worth it to go on the trip of a lifetime.

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