A Night In Auckland: The Best Things To Do

Auckland city skyline at night with city center and Auckland Sky Tower the iconic landmark of Auckland New Zealand.

There are many things we associate New Zealand with. There’s Lord of the Rings of course. With that there’s the stunning countryside, rolling hills and Hobbiton, just two hours south of Auckland.

But what does one do in New Zealand’s biggest city come nightfall?

Well, it’s perhaps no surprise to hear that the city, which is home to over 1.5million people, is an incredibly vibrant place to spend an evening with thrills coming out of the nightclubs, theatres, casinos and much, much more.

If you’re going to be visiting the city in 2018, here are our top tips for making the most of this truly stunning city.

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Play The Casino in SkyCity 

The New Zealand gambling scene is currently bustling. It’s legal to gamble both in casinos and online in the country and it’s developed quite the culture.

The government in the country have always been forward thinking when it comes to gaming, which really does make for one hell of an experience. None more so than in SkyCity.

At the foot of Auckland’s iconic landmark, it’s the go-to place for both locals and tourists alike who want to play the tables and the slots (aka pokies), with over 150 tables and 2,100 machines. It’s a night to remember, capped only by celebrating with a trip to the top of SkyTower to see the city in its full majesty.

Auckland New Zealand. Bungee jumping man from Auckland sky tower.

Hit The Night Markets

Auckland’s independent scene is thriving and the night markets are the perfect place to experience them. Whether it be enjoying some of the best street traders in the country, or picking up some arts and crafts.

The city enjoys night markets almost every day, with food coming from all over the world, include some gorgeous local delicacies. It’s a great way to truly experience what the locals get up to, while it’s also a good way to enjoy quality food on a budget.

We’d certainly recommend this option for those wanting to enjoy Auckland on a shoestring, although the Auckland Food Markets really are a special place for everyone.

Add More Thrills Night Canyoning

The thrills in Auckland really aren’t exclusive to SkyTower and the many nightclubs surrounding in the city, you can also get the adrenaline pumping by night canyoning.

Located just 40 minutes outside of the city, you can take in the likes of Piha beach and the historic Kauri dam all by headlight, with the truly stunning sight of glow worms also lighting the way.

Don’t worry, there’s a guide on hand to help along the way, and it’s a relatively easy route for both beginners and experienced canyoners alike. It really is a different way to spend an evening in Auckland and one that is well worth taking on!

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