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A guide to playing at casinos in Las Vegas

The time has come. The moment you’ve spent what seems like your whole life preparing for on great websites like Caesars casino online. Now it’s time to visit Sin City itself and to see what all the fuss is about. Perhaps you’re wondering how the real-life experience will compare to the online version? If so, today we’re providing a few handy tips for playing at casinos in Las Vegas…

Set a budget and limit your losses

You’re coming to Las Vegas for a good time. It’s a holiday, and therefore you should treat it as such by setting a realistic budget and sticking to it. Establish well before you sit down at the table what you’re willing to lose. While things will almost certainly get exciting, it’s important to cut your losses when the chips are down. Trying to make up your losses by gambling more or borrowing money is inadvisable.

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

Be respectful

Las Vegas is called Sin City for a reason. There is a lot going on that can cause the best of us to get a little over-excited – particularly the free drinks offered while you’re gambling. The last thing you want is to be ejected from an establishment for being rowdy. Always respect the casino and your fellow gamblers, don’t go hogging any machines, or flinging chips in rage. No one likes a sore loser after all. Be polite – always ask that a seat is free before sitting down and do yourself a favour, hold back on offering advice to strangers. They don’t want to hear it!

Study up

If you’re hoping to experience some success in the casino, be sure to brush up on your game prior to arrival. While you may think you know the rules of Baccarat from watching 007 do it for all these years, realistically, you’ll have no idea to play if you don’t study the rules. In the run up to your trip, practice online at Caesars online casino to ensure you’re prepped and in the game.

Las Vegas

Capitalize on the freebies

There are a lot of casinos in Las Vegas and they all want your custom. For this reason, they each offer some pretty tidy freebies that are well worth your time. To win free accommodation, food and drink, entertainment and room upgrades, be sure to sign up to each casinos rewards programme prior to arrival. In our opinion, the best include Total Rewards from Caesars Entertainment, M Life from MGM and Backstage Pass at the Hard Rock.

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