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A few Things You Didn’t Know About Australia

Australia is an interesting place here is a list of 50 things that most people wouldn’t know about Australia!

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Australia – This post was provided by Cheapflights

What fun facts do you know about Australia ?

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  1. TammyOnTheMove

    Ha ha, $220,000 to release a goldfish? Only in Australia! 🙂

  2. Travelling King

    hahaha – yeah I thought that one was interesting…
    We take our goldfish dumping very seriously! (HAHA!)

  3. Travelling King

    Australia is a land not often travelled to – it should be though – there is a lot to see and do

  4. Anne @ Pretraveller

    Thanks for a great infogram on Australia!

  5. Travelling King

    no problem!
    some interesting facts 🙂

  6. Gerard ~ GQ trippin

    # of vegemite bites I’ve had: 1.
    # of vegemite jars purchased after: 0.
    An acquired taste for sure. 22M. impressive!

  7. Travelling King

    It is indeed an acquired taste
    I love it, but only a little bit on bread with some butter 🙂

  8. Amanda

    Awesome! I loved this. Great infographic.

  9. Paulo Ramos

    You forgot to mention about Melbourne (the most liveable city for 3 years in a row) !!

  10. Travelling King

    Sorry Paulo!
    We can agree to disagree (not a huge fan of Melbourne! – I think we will need to go back to Melbourne and find what everyone loves abotu it! )

  11. David

    An enormous pity that the reef will most likely die out in our lifetime…

  12. Travelling King

    Yes it is! People just dont seem to care

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