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9 Ways for Students to Travel with Comfort

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Not everyone has the privilege to travel comfortably, but we’ve compiled a list to make sure that you will be as stress-free as possible for your next trip. From items to experiences, students should check out this list before their next vacation or adventure! 

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Moving on, for those who’ve finished all their homework with online paper writer, here is our list of pointers for your next comfy travels:


  1. Bring Comfortable Clothes 

When traveling, you can always pack fancy and glamorous outfits, but don’t forget to pack comfortable and light clothes, pieces for adventure and a lot of movement. For students commuting by train, plane, or boat for a long period, make sure to wear clothes that aren’t too tight and restraining. 

Want to look good traveling? Comfortable clothes can still be exceptionally stylish. Take some time to plan your outfits before the day of travel, to avoid stress and rushing. 

2. Travel Light

Many students who don’t travel often overlook this rule. Do not pack too much! This will only burden you during your travels. Pack what’s really needed and leave the rest at home. An additional tip is to buy travel-size portions of items that you need. 

It’s very surprising how little most people need until they experience traveling. Moreover, most things can be bought at the destination. So, ditch the extra weight and travel lightly on the next trip. Moreover, you’ll avoid paying any extra fees for heavy baggage. This is especially true for those traveling by air. 

3. Book Smart

Hotel Tonight lets any traveler book great hotel deals for more appealing prices. Try and find a hotel through their platform to make the best out of your budget, and avoid paying a hefty price for your accommodation. Their platform showcases a great number of hotels from all around the world and it’s free to use. 

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4. Charge and Bring a Power Bank

Students should remember to charge their mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc. before a trip (especially if you have your boarding pass/ticket on it). Want to go the extra mile? Buy a power bank, they can save your life. There’s plenty of affordable ones online, just do your research.

When travelers are on a long commute, it’s not guaranteed that every place they end up in has an outlet where they can charge their devices, so being prepared is key. 

5. Check Covid-19 Entry Requirements 

Because of the pandemic, traveling is not as hassle-free as before. An essential rule to follow before going on to your next trip is to check the entry requirements for the specific country. Rules change depending on how you’ll commute to said country (bus, train, plane, or boat). Make sure to do your research online, and note down exactly what you need. 

Most countries have the same requirements:

  • A passenger locator form application needs to be filled out before the journey. After filling up the application, you will usually get a QR code, which you need to keep and show the authorities after.
  • A PCR or ANTIGEN test that shows that you don’t have the Covid-19 virus. Check the country’s requirements to know exactly which one you should get. 

6. Earplugs, Eye Masks, and Neck Pillows

Students should consider investing in a pair of earplugs, a neck pillow, and maybe a mask for the eyes when traveling. These items are especially useful for sensitive sleepers, and will definitely add a level of comfort. 

They are sold in airports, and even train stations, but it will be cheaper to purchase them at a local store – items at airports and stations (especially airports) are overpriced. 

7. No Coffee

Instead of drinking coffee, which will make most students feel on edge while commuting, drink beverages for relaxation instead. This rule will prove especially useful for those who have to travel during the night, so don’t forget to skip the caffeine if you want to get some sleep during the trip.

It’s even better to just stock up on water and keep yourself hydrated. This is the healthier option too.

8. Make A Playlist

Compile a mix of songs to listen to before your next trip (and make sure you can listen to it offline). Watching a movie or reading a book while traveling is great, but for many students, this will be a chance not to constantly be looking at a screen or a book – so play some music and let your mind wander instead! 

For students who want to relax, make a mix of songs that are for relaxation. Music is a great companion for traveling, and just listening to whatever makes you happy can instantly make any trip better.

9. Try Airbnb Experiences

Feeling spontaneous? Students can save their time from trying to figure out what to do when they’ve reached their destination by using Airbnb Experiences. Type in where you’re at, and the platform will show you everything there is to do – from adventures to food, to animals. 

Using this platform will save up a lot of students’ time from planning and brainstorming, and give them more time to have fun and experience the diverse culture around them – wherever they may be.


Traveling can oftentimes be quite a hassle, especially for those who are new to it. We hope our tips and tricks will help your next trip be stress-free and comfortable. Just remember, a little bit of preparation goes a long way – take some time to prepare what you need before your next journey. We wish you a pleasant trip.

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