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9 Best Europe Destinations for a Field Trip

Field trips are great for learning something new, exploring new destinations, and simply having fun. Europe is a perfect place for that as it has a wide range of cities and countries to visit. 

One can visit historical sites, observe art pieces, and marvel at the unique architecture. No wonder students love such trips. Even if the main objective is to study, it is still a thousand times better than learning it in a dorm room. For example, seeing Mona Lisa for yourself might be more insightful than simply writing an essay on it.

Many students struggle with written assignments because of a lack of confidence in their skills, academic overload, or lack of interest in the subject. But when you have first-hand experience with it, even the least anticipating assignments would be more enjoyable. 

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And it is also an optimal way to meet the college deadlines and get ready for a field trip in Europe. Here are the best destinations to consider. 

Tourist ride horse at Kirkjufell mountain landscape and waterfall in Iceland summer. Kirjufell is the beautiful landmark and the most photographed destination which attracts people to visit Iceland.


It is a beautiful country with truly unique nature and landscape. It is incredibly exciting, particularly for those willing to learn more about geysers, plate tectonics, renewable energy, or geothermal activity. Some of the best places to see here are: 

  • Great Geysir; 
  • Krysuvik Geothermal Field;
  • Blue Lagoon; 
  • Thingvellir National Park.

Anyone interested in the natural sciences will be thrilled to visit active volcanoes, lava caves, or black beaches. And just marvel over the wonderful nature sights here. Plus, it is a very welcoming country with wonderful people. 


Greece is located on the other side of Europe. It is a picturesque and warm country known for rich history, amazing art, museums, and sandy beaches. Greece is a trip of a lifetime for those interested in history, antiques, philosophy, literature, or architecture. 

Even if you only stay in Athens, you’ll need several days to explore all the ancient sites and wonderful museums. And if you have an opportunity to travel the country as well, you’ll get a chance to see even more wonders, like Olympia or Tolo. 

Greece is not only about exploring ancient culture but also about amazing food and outstanding nature. 

United Kingdom

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for all types of trips. And it is not a surprise if you consider how many educational and entertainment opportunities it offers. Here, students can visit: 

  • London with a multitude of historical sites and museums (the British Museum has almost all the wonders of the world);
  • Edinburgh with its castles and astonishing architecture; 
  • Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born; 
  • Liverpool and Manchester, where one can learn about the industrial revolution; 
  • Stonehenge. 

Overall, there is a huge array of opportunities for almost any type of study here, so one can come many times. 


Another great destination is Germany. Berlin is a gorgeous city with a rich history and lots of modern art galleries. It is also a center for many science innovations. It is vibrant and multicultural, so it attracts tourists and learners from all over the world. 

In Berlin, students should visit the Wall, Brandenburg Gate, and Reichstag at least. And there are other places in the country worth visiting. Germany offers amazing opportunities not only for those studying history but also for students in politics, languages, arts, and humanities. 

The Church of St. Peter located in the Marienplatz in Munich, Germany.


It is a comparatively small but extremely interesting place to visit. Switzerland is famous not only for chocolate and mountains. It is also a place where students can visit CERN. The Large Hadron Collider is one of a kind technology, and no physics student or scientist wants to miss such an opportunity. 

Geneva is the capital of Switzerland and the home of the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Also, the country hosts a lot of international finance organizations and the UN. In Zurich, one can visit the university where Einstein was studying. 

So, it is a perfect destination for several fields of knowledge, from physics to human rights and banking. 


Amsterdam is probably one of the most visited places in the world. It has a unique architecture, with buildings even from the 17th century still standing. It is notorious for canals and many wonderful museums. 

Those interested in art will be pleased to visit the Van Hough museum and the Rijksmuseum located just nearby. The latter is dedicated to Dutch art and has originals of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and many other famous painters. 

History students might visit the Anne Frank museum and learn more about WWII. There are also many exciting centers and museums for technology and science enthusiasts. 


Lots of people come to Italy for a vacation. It has amazing nature, perfect beaches, and stunning cuisine. But it also has a lot to offer in terms of education. Here, you can learn more about the Roman Empire and visit ancient sites. Or you can dive into the many museums and galleries full of classic and modern art. 

Rome and Florence are among the most exciting destinations here. Both cities have astonishing and versatile architecture, as well as a huge number of historical sites. 

Venice is another city to see and explore at least once in a lifetime. 


Belgium provides several different experiences. First of all, students can visit Brussels, a multicultural capital with amazing architecture combining classic and modern features in a mix. Secondly, history majors should visit Ypres and learn more about WWI. This battlefield allows diving into the famous battle known for the first use of a chemical weapon. 

Thirdly, Belgium is the country where you can visit medieval towns, which is an exciting experience. People can walk around narrow streets and admire the mastery of old-time architects and builders. 

If you are planning to visit Belgium in the wintertime, you’ll be able to feel the atmosphere of its beautiful Christmas markets with great food and beverages. Overall, it is a very interesting country with a powerful history and culture. 


Last but not least, Poland is a marvelous country in the center of Europe. And Krakow is one of the most exciting cities to visit. It has an authentic architectural style, many historical buildings, and a rich cultural and religious history. 

Here, one can visit churches and a castle or wander around old streets while enjoying warm weather. There are also many educational museums here. 

Those students who are interested in history should visit Auschwitz – it is the best-preserved concentration camp from WWII. This trip won’t be emotionally easy, but it is incredibly important to learn about this horror. 

In Summary 

Surely, with more than 50 countries, Europe has lots of fascinating destinations to offer. One can explore cultures, history, art, and science. From ancient sites to the most innovative technologies, students and enthusiasts can educate themselves almost on any field of knowledge here. 

So, choose the destination, pack your bags, and get ready to be amazed. 

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