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7 Things Not to Forget for Your Destination Wedding 

decorated wedding tables on Diniwid Beach at Boracay island Philippines

While destination weddings are all the rage and the perfect setting in which to marry the person you love, it makes it easier to leave things behind than ever before. Many brides and grooms have forgotten important items in their rush to get to a traditional church wedding, but it’s even worse when you hop on that plane, arrive at your own wedding, and realize you’ve forgotten something you can’t do without. If you’re worried about being forgetful as well, here’s a list of items that you don’t want to forget for your wedding day at a far off destination. 

The Rings 

You searched far and wide until you found the perfect moissanite rings for your wedding. From engagement rings to wedding bands, you don’t want to get married without them. Make sure you pack them ahead of time so that you don’t make that mistake. 

Your Wedding Outfits 

While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll forget your wedding dress and his tux, it has been known to happen. It’s even easier to forget the shoes, necklace, and even that special set of earrings your granny gave you to wear. Make a list of everything you’re going to be wearing, pack it one at a time, and then check it off, just to be on the safe side. 

Your Marriage License 

This is the one item that can truly put a hitch in your wedding day. You have to make it legal after the I do’s, so forgetting the marriage license is a big no-no. If you have to, stick it in your purse days before you’re set to get on that plane. You’ll be glad that you did. 

Payment and Tips 

The last thing you want is to not have the money to pay for things during your wedding. You also want to ensure you have money for tips for wedding planners and other places. From caterers to makeup and hair artists, you’re going to want to tip and it’s embarrassing not to have the money on hand to do so. 

A Few Snacks and Water 

Sure there will be food at the reception, but it is possible that with all the running around you’ll be doing, you might not eat or hydrate the way you should. Stock a few granola bars and a couple of bottles of water in your bag, so that you can grab a snack if needed. You don’t want to get sick from being dehydrated or not eating at your own weddings, now do you? There’s nothing wrong with having a light snack, just be careful not to get any on your dress. 

The wedding reception dinner venue setup with the white flower theme, A bunch of white roses, flower, floral decoration on the dinner table.

Your Overnight Bag 

It’s very possible that the place you have your destination wedding won’t be the place you have your honeymoon. Make sure that you pack your overnight bag ahead of time and don’t forget it in the rush to get to the wedding. You probably don’t want to wear your wedding dress when you leave for your honeymoon, so a change of clothes is a very good idea. 

An Emergency Kit

As much as you hate to admit, you just never know when things can go wrong. A well-stocked emergency kit never hurt anyone, and it has even saved a few lives. Not only should you have an emergency kit for travel, but one for the big day as well. Give it to your bridesmaid or wedding planner to hold, just in case of a ripped dress or a broken heel. It’s better to be prepared now, than sorry later on. 

These are just a few of the things you shouldn’t forget to pack for your destination wedding because in many cases you can’t or don’t want to get married without them. 

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