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5 Ways to Make Your Travel Blog Rank Higher on Google

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Every travel blogger wants their content to rank as high as possible on Google, but that’s often not the case, especially if you’re new to blogging. Do you spend lots of time and effort on your articles and still aren’t noticing your desired results? That doesn’t necessarily mean your articles are boring or unappealing. You probably just need to spend some extra time optimizing your blog posts for search engines. In other words, you need to work on SEO, and here are some of the best ways to boost your rankings on Google.

Secure your website from hackers

Google wants users to receive the most relevant content, but it also wants users to stay safe. If your website has great content but isn’t secure enough, you might not get good rankings. First, get an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate, which encrypts all of your website’s data. Next, review your password security to ensure they aren’t easy to hack. Finally, check to see if your device has a good antivirus and firewall set up to protect yourself, your website, and your visitors.

Do keyword research

What’s interesting to you might not necessarily be interesting to your readers. Do thorough keyword research before writing any new content to make sure that it has the potential to rank in search engines. And make sure to have a sufficient keyword density in your articles (a good rule of thumb is to add 1-2 keywords for every 100 words of text). However, you also want to avoid keyword stuffing at all costs because it will only bring the opposite effect, dropping your rankings down again.

Ensure good readability

A super important component of SEO is readability. If you just write blocks of texts with no numbers, bullet points, bold text, or anything to make it easier to skim through the article, it probably won’t rank on Google. Remember that people probably won’t read the full 700-1000 words of text you wrote, and they’ll probably just skim through the headings and bullet points. You’ll also want to avoid super long sentences with complicated words. Hemingway App is a great tool to check the readability of your articles and make necessary improvements.

Write guest posts on other websites

This is a great step to take if you’re new to blogging and don’t have much of an audience yet. Find other well-developed travel websites and ask to write a guest post with a link to your website. If you write a good article, then the readers will likely want to check out your blog.

Mind your website’s Google Analytics

Set up and always keep track of Google Analytics. Which articles are ranking highest? Which keywords are the most popular at the moment? What are your main sources of traffic? By taking into consideration the way that your audience is responding to your content and reacting accordingly, your rankings will be sure to go up on Google with time.

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