4 Luxurious Destinations for Yacht-Owners

Luxury yachts at Lokrum Island in Adriatic Sea Dubrovnik Dalmatia Croatia

Many people purchase yachts, believing that they are family-friendly boats that will create lasting memories. In many cases, this is true. Yachts provide families with the opportunity to get outdoors and travel with a unique perspective. In addition, people can store things on their boat, making it easy to pick up and go when the time is right. In many cases, the size of these transportation vehicles makes it easy to sleep on the boat during overnight trips. In this article, we will share four luxurious destinations for yacht-owners across the United States.

1. Emerald Landing, Seattle

Seattle is an amazing city that offers incredible seafood experiences, immaculate scenic viewpoints, and divine culture. Many people want to visit this city and explore all that it has to offer. By boat, you can access the San Juan Islands, Mount Rainier, and other incredible destinations. Consider docking your boat at the five-star moorage in Seattle, Emerald Landing. This detail-oriented moorage ensures that your boat is secure, safe, and handled with care. You can spend your days exploring nearby sites and your nights exploring all the city has to offer.

2. Alaska Coastline

Due to the vast nature of the Alaskan Coastline, yachting experts have the opportunity to spend days seeing all that the region has in store. When you stop your boat along the journey, you have the opportunity to go dog-sledding, snowmobiling, and skiing. Each aspect of the Alaskan coastline is frigid and unique. With more than 15 national park units, the opportunities for exploration are endless.

Consider planning a two week journey where you can slowly travel up the coast, making pit stops at beautiful sites along the way. Since the daylight hours are short, you may want to limit that amount of time that you spend on the water per day. There are amazing moorages in Juneau, Sitka, and other cities along the coast.

3. Miami

Miami is home to many luxurious yacht berthing stations including Coconut Grove and One Island Park. These facilities are closely located to popular parts of the city.  Because of the popularity of this destination, there are many exclusive berthing stations that treat customers with extreme care. When you port in Miami, you can soak in the bright Florida sun by day while exploring art, culture, and dining by night. Many of the best moorages in the city have their own selection of dining and shopping experiences.

4. Newport, Rhode Island

Many people enjoy exploring Rhode Island because it is quaint, quiet, and whimsical. With a well-protected harbor, you can easily access the open waters of the Atlantic coast. The people of Rhode Island have been boating for decades, making it likely that you will see new boats, old models, and yachting experts who have much insight and experience. 


Yachting is a popular hobby for individuals across the United States. Pack up your boat and take the opportunity to explore the country in an entirely new way. If you enjoy experiencing fine culture and immaculate views, visit one of the most prominent yachting destinations in the country. 

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