4 of the most breathtaking cycle routes around the globe

Cycling is one of the most exciting ways to see the world; without the confines of a car or bus you can explore exotic terrain and stop whenever you please to enjoy the amazing views on offer – plus, you can get around a little faster than on foot. So with that in mind, here are three of the month breathtaking cycle routes across the globe!

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Where better to start than one of the most famous routes in the world; Australia’s Great Ocean Road. What many people don’t know is that this 150-mile, iconic coastal trail is actually the world’s largest war memorial, built by veterans themselves as a permanent reminder of those who died while fighting in World War I.

With stunning views of the sea and the Twelve Apostles rock stacks, this route is a firm favourite among long-distance cyclists and those who after a manageable, flat ride. There are also plenty of off-road detours to take a stab at if you’re a bit more of a thrill seeker.

Tour de Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo

Winding it’s way through the safe, western regions of the country, Tour De Congo is a particularly appealing route for anybody wanting a challenge, as very few cyclists  – besides the 60 pros who took part in the first tour back in 2013 – have actually completed the route to date. The 600-mile trail is an adventurer’s paradise; with mountain terrain and huge stretches of untouched jungle, cycling here would definitely be an unforgettable experience.

The Death Road, Bolivia

The North Yungas Road, (not-so-affectionately dubbed ‘The Death Road’ by locals) is a forty-mile trail connecting Coroico and La Paz. Running alongside terrifying, 600-metre gorges and scattered with hairpin bends, this route has become a Mecca for thrill-seeking downhill cyclists from across the world.

If you’re brave enough to tackle what is considered to be the most dangerous road in the world, you’ll be rewarded with the magnificent views of the Bolivian Amazon Rainforest – not too shabby at all!

Pacific Coast, USA/Canada

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And finally, we’ve saved the longest, most diverse trail for last! This route boasts an outstanding 2000-miles of cycling heaven; starting in Vancouver and ending near the border of Mexico, the Pacific Coast will take you on a journey through California, Oregon and Washington.

As the ultimate in bicycle road-tripping, you will see the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge, stop to catch a wave or relax on California’s beautiful surfing beaches and take on the misty mountain passes – definitely something for the bucket list!

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