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365 Days in Canada – Enjoy the 4 Seasons

One of the most spectacular countries in the world, Canada is an all season, all weather dream come true.

Home of an impressive stretch of the Rockie mountains, an exciting contrast to the rest of this lush country, in some parts of canada you can see so far that you appreaciate the curvature of the earth.  It is breathtaking.  So we have rounded up how to enjoy this country whatever the season.

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Whilst the ski season is still going strong, spring is a perfect season to get out and appreciate new life in Canada.  The Cherry Blossom festival is a treat for the eyes and really gets you in the mood for the year coming.  It is mother nature waking up and saying “I’m back! Let’s get this party started”

Vancouver is the place for this natural wonder.  The Canadians see the annual festival as a reawakening of their communities.  The weather has lifted to a bearable 0 degrees and the blossom festival is shared by many other countries across the world, including Tokyo, Paris, Brooklyn and Copenhagen.  It is a time to reflect on a new beginning and to smile at one another.

Sakura Night is a fantastic time to head over.  Here the community celebrates the local top restaurants you will be treated to the most exquisite Asian-Fusion dishes.  Head down for the 2nd of April and really enjoy one of the happiest celebrations in Canada.


July sees one of Canada’s most famous events.  The Calgary Stampede.  This is a 10 day event and might as well be a national holiday in Calgary.  Tourists flock from all over the world to witness, what is billed as, the greatest outdoor show on earth.  

You can trace the roots of this event right back to 1886 however it was In 1912 when American promoter Guy Weadick organized a rodeo and festival for the first time and called it The Stampede.

Calgary itself goes a little bit bonkers during the Stampede.  Buildings and shops are painted, the city becomes the ultimate party destination for nearly two weeks.  There is a lot of drinking and some wild competitions too.  Whilst the Rodeo itself is hotly debated with animal activists there are other reasons to visit this brilliant event.  Musicians come to play the festival.  From some global megastars to more modest, home brewed bands.  

It is a family event with something for everyone to enjoy and Calgary is a brilliant city to take a break in.  


However this isn’t the only festival to hit Nova Scotia, during the same months you can visit the Garlic Fest, Oyster Fest, Harvest Fest and a whole host of musical events including the annual Harvest BBQ Bluegrass & Corn-boil at Luckett Vineyards.

Fall is a fabulous time of year for enjoying the last of the great weather and appreciating the diverse colours of Canada.  The communities are all making the most of socialising before winter sends them into the snow dictated routines.  This is the last they will see of their country in full colour and a chance to make peace with the year gone by.  

Head out for a tour of one of the many vineyards and learn about this popular new world wine.  It’s said that Nova Scotia could teach the French a thing or two!


Last, but not least, we arrive at one of the coolest seasons for visiting Canada.  The Ski season kicks off with a bang as the snow falls bring some of the most exciting pistes on earth to life.

Head to Quebec and book yourself into one of Tremblant rentals for a luxurious bolthole.  Mont Tremblant is like an oasis hidden within the Laurentian mountain range.  The streets are cobblestoned and you will be struck by the bright colours of the houses.  Reds and blues scream out of the white blanket surrounding them and the town has this fantastic, romantic, old feel about it.  

Tremblant is home to some of the best slopes in North America but it is also home to plenty of other outdoor activities, meaning there is something to do here for the whole family.  Of course skiing and snowboarding are huge attractions.  The resort offers 662 acres of terrain with a good mix of black, red and green routes.  There are four slopes offering up 96 different ski trails and it is a brilliant location for those wanting to teach children, or first time skiers.  Mont Tremblant has a 3.7 mile run on its south side which gives a great introduction to the sport.  It also has one of the best ski schools in North America.  For those who are more experienced, head to the north and try your luck on the glades of The Edge.  For non skiers there is a lift which will take you up, and down, to the summit.  At 2871 ft you will get a view of the world like no other.

Heading away from the slopes the hiking is pretty unbeatable.  Snowshoeing is a tough and exhausting activity but a brilliant workout for your legs and lungs.  To make this season’s adventure even more memorable, you can take a dog sleigh tour of the mountains.  There are even tours through the forest where you can take charge of your own husky team.  Absolutely breathtaking.

It really doesn’t matter what time of the year you go to Canada there is never a dull moment and actually a lot of reasons why you would want to stay forever! Regardless of if you are travelling alone or heading up with your whole family, this place promises you days full of new experiences and awe inspiring scenery.  We have highlighted just a few of the magical places you can visit, so why not get over there and discover some of your own.  We can tell you this for nothing, the food is pretty outstanding too!

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