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3 tips for an unforgettable holiday in Sicily

Sicily is a destination on the rise, that’s for sure. Its natural beauty has always drawn tourists’ attention, but in the last few years the island has also restored its glamorous charm.

It is no coincidence that Google has chosen Sicily to hold its annual company party and summer camp for two years in a row now.

Let’s try to find out how you can transform a regular holiday into something unforgettable. Here’s a couple of suggestions on how to get the best out of your holiday in Sicily.

Plan your trip to Italy

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1.The accommodation is everything.

When you are planning a holiday by the sea where you choose to stay is crucial. Moreover you should look for an accommodation that will make you feel on holiday. To do so you can browse one of the many catalogues of villas to rent in Sicily you can find online.

2. Give yourself a treat.

There are a lot of glamorous events to attend to around the island depending on the time of the year you are visiting it. In Spring and Summer you could use a visit the most famous golf resort of Sicily which is also a luxurious hotel/spa. It’s the Verdura Resort on the Southern coast of the island, the right place if you are looking for something chic.

3. Choose your beach off the beaten path.

There are dozens of beaches in Sicily, some of them are famous all over the world, other are not that known. You can always go on a day trip to Favignana to swim in the crystal-clear sea of Cala Rossa, but try to find also some of the hidden natural beauties Sicily offers.

If you are on the Western coast you can visit Mt. Cofano nature reserve: you will have to walk for a few minutes to get to the beach, but it will be worthy.

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