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3 Tips to Avoid an Accident on a Cruise Ship

After more than a year of travel restrictions and different periods of lockdown, tourists are eager to get back on a cruise ship. They know that this is a great way to visit exotic destinations while having all their needs taken care of. From lodging to food, from amenities to all sorts of entertainment, you know that while on a cruise ship, you have nothing to worry about.

However, you may not have top of mind the possibility of suffering an accident while on the cruise ship, and, sadly, this is very common and real. Read on to find out what three actions you can take to avoid having a mishap that will completely upend a time you thought would be enjoyable and turn it into a nightmare.

Walk with Care

You have been told since childhood that running around a swimming pool is not safe. You can either fall into the water or slip and injure yourself on the hard ground. The same thing holds true for a cruise ship where it is expected that hallways can be covered with water either from swimmers coming out of the pool or from the ocean’s waves.

To decrease your chances of falling or slipping, make sure to wear the right kind of footwear. Wearing rubber soles will help you walk steadier on surfaces that can not only be wet but may also be rocking from side to side with the ship’s motion.

Get to Know Your Surroundings

It is common for cruise ships to have many stairs, passageways, and other areas where changes in flooring go from hardwood to tile to carpet. There is also the possibility of a difference in floor levels. Even the smallest step, when it catches you unaware, can send you tumbling down a full flight of stairs. Take the time to become familiar with your surroundings the first day you board the ship. Familiarize yourself with the location of your cabin and what types of floors and other obstacles might be on your way to restaurants, amenities, and decks.

It is also common for cruise ships to have many people. Be aware of those walking around you. You don’t want to hurt yourself by bumping into someone that has just slipped and fallen in front of you.

Avoid Excessive Drinking

Although it is important to stay hydrated all day, particularly when visiting tropical locations that have days of high heat and humidity, you should not rely on alcohol for this purpose. Also, always avoid using alcohol in excess. Not only can too much alcohol increase your chances of getting sunstroke and having trouble regulating your body’s temperature, but it can also leave you much more prone to experiencing a fall. When there is too much alcohol in your system, your reaction times are slower, as is your decision-making process.

Get Help from a Maritime Lawyer

No matter how careful you try to be while on a cruise ship, you may find yourself injured. Or maybe it is a family member who suffered an accident while onboard. If that is your case, LM&W, P.A. recommends you hire a maritime lawyer with experience representing injured passengers while on a ship to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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