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2017 Holiday Inspiration: What To Book, Where To Book And How To Save

Can you believe that Christmas is nearly upon us? Where has this year gone? But it’s true we are in December and the days are flying by. Which means that our minds can naturally start to focus on the next year, while perhaps taking a moment to reevaluate the last. What things went well? What do you want to improve on?

Some people also start to think about their plans for the year ahead, and many of those decisions will be travel focused. For some, you need to plan those deserving getaways around children or careers, whereas others can be a little more carefree about it. As I enjoy traveling myself, I thought now would be a great opportunity to share with you some of the things you can start to consider for the year ahead. Where to book? What to book and the best ways to save? Interested? Then read on for your 2017 holiday inspiration.

That trip of a lifetime

Many of us have those destinations sat on our bucket lists that we would class as the trip of a lifetime holidays. Often we can be seen as putting those holidays off for the year after, but the truth is, will there ever be a right time to take that plunge and just go and see the world? Life’s for living and often we can be reminded of how short it can be. So here are some tips to help you consider adding that trip of a lifetime to your 2017 travel plans.


Many of us love the idea of backpacking, and students tend to take advantage of this once in a lifetime trip during a GAP year from studying. But that doesn’t mean to say that anyone of us of adult age can’t take that plunge and go and see as much of a destination as possible. A popular place to go is Asia. Taking in the sights and sounds of locations like Thailand and Bali. Backpacking doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take a huge chunk of your life and dedicate to the cause. You could simply choose to do it in stints of two or three weeks. Making it easy to slip back into your life, but perhaps with a greater perspective and a whole tankful of memories. Backpacking is also a very cost effective way of seeing a country.

Road trip

Another great way to make the most of one country or location is to go on a road trip. A lot of people consider a road trip across some of the American states as something they have to do in their lifetime. A popular course is California to Nevada, allowing you to take in the sights and sound of Los Angeles and sin city itself Las Vegas. A road trip again doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of time dedicated to it, using your holiday allowance to just try a trip that is a little different.

Ticking off your bucket list

Finally, why not look at your bucket list and make a commitment to go to one of those places. That list has been created for a reason, so who says you have to stick with the same mundane holiday destinations?

A holiday like no other

Holidays are the opportunity to relax and unwind from the stress of daily life, but for some of us you also want to experience and see as much as possible. So making the right choice of a holiday that will work for you is vital for maximum enjoyment. This is why it’s always worth considering a different type of holiday than you would normally.


Cruising has started to grow in popularity, and I think that can be for many reasons. The cruise ships themselves are breathtaking. With amazing facilities and luxurious cabins they really are the ultimate floating hotels. However, a cruise also gives you the opportunity to see many different places you may not have gotten to. For example, a cruise from Australia to New Zealand may take you to parts of that country like where The Lord Of The Rings films were set, to different cities and resorts that both the North and the South Island offer. Trying to do all of that on a standard holiday traveling by air can be extremely stressful and not very relaxing. For more information, you can check out some of the Cruise Guides online.

Familiarizing yourself with the country you live in

Sometimes we can forget that the country you live in has much to offer. For me, living in Australia, it can provide me with many different places to spend my time that will still feel like a holiday, without leaving the mainland itself. For others destinations like the UK or the USA, there must be many destinations within your country that you won’t have seen or explored. Sometimes it’s worth just staying put and seeing what is on offer. Sometimes these holidays can save you the most money but offer the most fun.

Spending the holidays some place different

Have you ever considered going away for the holidays? Perhaps spending Christmas in a foreign country or your birthday at the beach? Maybe 2017 is the time to breakaway from that annual summer holiday or that winter sun break and so something a little different. Sometimes using the holidays as a chance to getaway can be seen as a gift of the experience, rather than needing to spend the money elsewhere.

A simple getaway with family for a weekend

Finally, why not make 2017 the year that you go on a few mini breaks rather than the annual holiday. These sorts of vacations can offer quite a lot in a short space of time.

Sightseeing and culture

You might want to experience a city break where you can spend the weekend sightseeing and learn about the history or the culture. A city break also offers you the chance to enjoy some of the finest restaurants and even indulge in a little retail therapy.

A simple trip to the beach

Finally, who needs an excuse to head to the beach on the weekend? Not me. Often the simplest of things offers the best experiences. Some of the best things in life, are actually free to enjoy.

I hope this has inspired you to create some travel plans for 2017.

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