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13 Tips on items to pack for Tropical Destination

13 Tips on items to pack for Tropical Destination (plus a few things to get when you are there)

These are the items that I try my best not to forget to pack when we head off for our next trip. 

Bora Bora

1. Travel adaptor – You can get one fairly cheap (and easy) off of eBay, as you will only be using it while travelling there no point in paying a $80 for one from the airport.

2. Sea sick pills – If you need to get to your destination via boat or will be going on a tour via boat, save yourself some ill feelings (pun intended!), get some sea sick pills! These will save some heart ache and bad memories! I wish I had remembered these when we went sailing to Koh Pha-ngan. You can get these in most holiday destinations but if you aren’t in an area to shop or are going on a tour the 1st day of your holiday, its better to be prepared!

3. Spare camera battery – If you are anything like me on holiday, you take photos of anything and everything. I hate it when we get half way through our day or tour and find that our battery is flat and we don’t have a spare!

4. Memory cards – Make sure to bring a spare memory card, what if you loose one or it is damaged?

5. Sunnies – I can’t leave the house without sunnies! I’m like a vampire, if I walk into the sun without sunnies I explode into a puff of smoke! Don’t forget to pack these, remember that its not just beach holidays that are sunny, the snow locations are extremely glare-y and bright!

6. Book or game –Like most people, I can’t sleep on a plane. Make sure to pack a book to read or game to play on the plane. Or if you have an Ipad, they are really handy, you can watch, read or play! Just make sure to turn it onto the aeroplane setting before take off. Make sure you have something to entertain you for 8-24 hours!

7. Small bottle of sunscreen – Sunscreen can be expensive especially in Thailand or if you are in remote areas you may not have access to a store that sells it. Best to take some rather than getting badly sunburnt and ruin your trip or waste a few days stuck indoors.

8. Phone charger – This is one thing I am usually scrambling back into the house as we leave for the airport to get. Oh and don’t forget your cameras or laptop charger too! In saying that, my phone is usually just used as an alarm clock or extra camera when we are on holidays.

9. Extra Passport photos – If your passport is lost or stolen, you will be required to get a few passport photos for your temp passport. The loss of a passport can be stressful enough, without having to find out where you can get these photos taken in a foreign country. (It is also a good idea to get a photocopy of your passport in case you need to take it into the embassy to get a replacement/temp  passport – some countries also require you to carry ID, I’m not personally comfortable carrying around my passport)

10.Mini first aid kit – I usually make a little first aid kit with Band-Aids, a bandage, a few panadol, a small pouch of tissues, sea sick pills and sunscreen (ladies – tampons, you might not be in an area that sells them..). These are things you can get in most countries, but I prefer to be prepared in an accident!

11. Pen – You will need to write on your arrival and departure cards, flight attendants rarely have pens you can borrow and you always end up standing in line forever waiting to use a pen near customs. Best to come prepared!

12.Your own toothpaste – I prefer to bring my own toothpaste, I have found some toothpastes in other countries taste funny I Also remember to brush your teeth with bottled water in some countries as tap water may not be good for you.

13. Passport –  Last but not least – Don’t forget your passport otherwise you won’t be going very far!

If travelling to a tropical destination, don’t bother packing jackets or heavy clothing, they will just collect moth balls in the hotel cupboard.
What to get there –
1. Sim card – Best to get a sim card from the country you are travelling for local calls, international roaming can be very expensive.

2. Insect repellent – In some parts of the world, being bitten by a mozzie can lead to some nasty illnesses!

Make sure to put your main valuables in your hand/carry on luggage – laptop camera etc. That way if your luggage gets lost or sent to another destination, you have the important valuables with you. It also stops these valuables being damaged if the luggage men are rough.

Hopefully these 13 tips on items to pack can be helpful for your next trip.

What to Pack

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What is the one thing you make sure is always packed?

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  1. Trevor Barre

    Good article Sam.

    Two extra things we now pack, just in case:

    1. Imodium, or some other medication in case you eat something you shouldn’t, get the runs, and can’t leave your accommodation

    2. a small bottle of antiseptic water-less hand sanitizer to prevent picking up those germs along the way that might make you sick and ruin your holiday.

    Have a great day guys,


  2. Travelling King

    Hey Trevor!

    Imodium is a great idea, we usualy take some as well – totally forgot to add them to the list!
    A little botle of Sanitizer is a great idea!

    Great tips thanks for sharing them!

  3. Agness

    I agree with extra passport photos. They are always needed anywhere you go, especially when you plan to go to Thailand or Cambodia.

  4. Travelling King

    Indeed! That is what I was thinking. Handy to have or visas

  5. Ciara

    These are really great tips!
    I remember when my cousin visited the UK from US and didn’t take an adaptor with her, for some reason it became an impossible mission to find a plug that was abroad to UK and not UK to abroad. Unfortunately ordering online wasn’t the answer either due to time. I imagine in more remote areas it would be 10 times harder to track one down.

    Also great point about the passport photos, had always considered taking a photocopy but not extra photos until now.

    Sea Sick tablets a must! One bad experience is enough to always remember these in the future.

  6. Travelling King

    HI Ciara!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Sadly sometimes you learn from your experiences and always remember that one thing!
    Hope your cousin found an adaptor!

  7. Samantha @mytanfeet

    All very true things you need to have in a tropical country. I was bit thrown off by sunnies at first because I’m used to calling them sunglasses haha. I can’t go out on a boat without my sea sick pills, saved my life! Great list Sam!

  8. Syd

    My boyfriend’s passport was stolen in Chile and we spent a totally ridiculous 12 hours running around from the embassy to different photo places trying to get everything sorted. Total nightmare yet still didn’t occur to me to bring photos on this trip. Clearly I don’t learn…

  9. SJ @ Chasing the Donkey

    Excellent list, on the money – except for the pen. I can live without that, and instead need Imodium and wet wipes – cause you just never know!

  10. Tara Gorman

    Extra passport photos are a great tip because it can be hard and expensive to find these shops in other countries. Great list of tips you have here!

    Also, don’t forget an umbrella or a parka! You never know when it will rain as it can be unpredictable (you know how those weathermen can be) and having a small, travel size one is very beneficial!

  11. Travelling King

    Hey Samantha
    Sorry “Sunnies” is the Aussie in me..
    I cant agree more with the sea sick tablets – i forgot them once, never again!

  12. Travelling King

    Hey Syd,
    Oh no! Thats terrible!
    Sometimes its a bit “anal” to be over prepared but sometimes a good thing!

  13. Travelling King

    Good points thanks SJ

  14. Travelling King

    Hey Tara
    Thanks! It can be difficult to communicate what you want in certain countries – best to be prepared!
    Great tip! The weather is so unpredictable

  15. Gabor Kovacs

    Great list of indispensable items! A box of wet wipes also proved to be a must bring item for us, as they let you eat with your hands anywhere:) I am not sure listing passport as number 13 does not bring bad luck:) if you are superstitious! Of course I am just kidding!

  16. A Southern Gypsy

    Great tips! I was also thrown off by the “Sunnies” too haha. So much more fun sounding than sunglasses!

  17. Travelling King

    Thanks so much Gabor!
    ohh i didnt really think about that… good point!

  18. Travelling King

    haha whoops sorry! forget my Aussie words sometimes 😛

  19. JP

    I love these lists, so handy! I always take a pocket phrasebook if it’s somewhere I don’t speak the language

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