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10 Late-Night Diners for Students In Gainesville

Amongst being home to the beloved Florida Gators and a small quaint town with beautiful natural parks, Gainesville is mostly famous for being the home to the University of Florida. This keeps this college town young and lively all throughout the year.

Even though it’s a small town, students make sure the nightlife stays upbeat. This means making sure there are enough of late-night diners out there where you can grab a bite when staying out late. Here’s to name a few of the top-rated fast-food diners and restaurants that stay open past midnight.

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Bitterballen, a typically Dutch food croquet with mayo

Are your nights of bar hopping ending in unsatiable hunger? Check these out

1. Taste Modern Kitchen

      • 24 hrs

Taste is open 24 hours, which is amazing since they’re not a usual fast-food diner. Here, you can enjoy classic Asian and Latin dishes served with a twist. All from traditional fares such as pho, ramen and banh mi to their new Asian-Latin fusion menu, everything is at a reasonable price so as not to “demolish your wallet”.

2. Steak and Shake

      • 24 hrs

This is a casual steak house that is open all night long. Not much will be open at 5 am, so if you just want to grab a solid bite, their prime steakburgers, sandwiches, milkshakes and sweet desserts will help you pull through the night.

3. Relish

      • 3 am

This is another fast-food restaurant that serves burgers. The one on University Avenue and Downtown stay open until 3 am. They are open to delivery, take-outs and credit cards. But their defining feature is the customization, allowing you to build your own burger, combining any of their forty fresh and natural ingredients. 

4. The Keys Grill & Piano Bar

      • 2 am

This island-style dining and entertainment hub stays open only until 2 am, but up until then, you get to enjoy renowned entertainers. If you’re willing, you can get a chance of becoming the star of the night yourself, singing along the piano and contributing to the ongoing party. 

5. The Top

      • 2 am

This is yet another burger place, serving burgers, beer, and modern American meals. Although it closes at 2 am, for the vegans out there this is one of the few places that serves both vegan and vegetarian meal options at this hour. 

Traditional Belgian fast food, fried potatoes chips with mayonnaise, sate souse and onion served outside

6. Dos Papas Tequila & Taqueria

      • 1h30 am

The same as with The Top, Dos Papas isn’t suitable for real late-nighters but serves vegan and gluten-free options which are hard to find at this hour. Apart from that, it’s not just another burger place and provides various Mexican dishes, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, sopes, molcajetes, margaritas and more. Most importantly, it’s all affordable.


7. Larry’s Giant Subs

      • 3 am

What’s special about this place is their concern with the quality of their food. Their goal is serving healthy premium products at a reasonable price as well. They pride themselves with all-natural roast beef with no injections, antibiotic-free turkey and chicken breast, hormone-free and sustainably farmed. Also, their bread is an award-winner from Buffalo’s Costanzo’s bakery.

9. Five Star Pizza

      • 24 hrs 

Five Star Pizza provides 24 hours delivery service. With a variety of pizzas on the menu, even if you’re not a fan, you’ll surely find something you can enjoy. They are known for having reliable service and show a willingness to go out of their way to please their customers.

10. Midnight Cookies

      • 2 am

They also provide only delivery, but Midnight Cookies is somewhat of an institution and one cannot miss the opportunity to have them delivered fresh cookies as a midnight snack. From their signature flavors to some vegan options as well, everyone is sure to enjoy. 

Cookies at midnight? Count us in

Apart from being a college town, it is a misconception to think there’s not much to do here. Travelers can enjoy this town just as well. Here’s a list of fun things to do in Gainesville by Busy Tourist you can check out if you come to pass by. 

And if you’re caught up late, you can always grab a bite at some of these places, you’ll see Gainesville’s warmth and hospitality round-the-clock.

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