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Ø  Who are you?

Carole Terwilliger Meyers

Ø  Where are you from/Where’s home?

Berkeley, California, USA

Ø  What type of traveller are you? Backpacker, full time traveller, luxury traveller?

Experiential traveler—sometime luxury, sometimes budget, usually somewhere in between

Ø  Where was the first trip you took?

I remember trips when I was a child to Gresham, Oregon to visit my grandpa’s strawberry farm.  As an adult on my own, my first big trip was a grand tour of Europe.

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Ø  Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling?

Yes.  I ran into trouble in Istanbul.  It was a situation where two people came out alive and one didn’t.  It stopped me from traveling abroad for years, but then at one point I had an epiphany and got back on airplanes and never looked back.  The moral from my story is to pay attention to your gut feelings.  Especially women.  If I had done that, trouble would not have found me.

Ø  Do you have any funny or crazy travel stories?

Yes.  On the trip mentioned above to Istanbul, I was staying in a youth hostel in a 2-bed room.  When I went to sleep, one bed was empty, but in the morning another woman was there.  She lived in Philly and I lived in San Francisco and it turns out she knew a very good friend of mine who lived in Philly!  Quite a coincidence.  Another woman I picked up with there to travel together for a while actually also knew another very good friend.  I think coincidences seem to happen a lot when I am traveling, but I’m not sure why.

Ø  What is the worst place you’ve travelled to and why?

Istanbul, Turkey.  My experience was very hostile to women and to Americans.  I doubt I’ll ever return.

Ø  Where is your favourite place in the world?

That is difficult!  Probably London, followed by Hawaii and NYC.

Ø  How do you fund your travels?

I work as a professional travel writer, which isn’t really enough to fund my travels, so my husband who actually gets paid properly for his services often chips in.

Ø  What is your most fond memory from your travels?

Reclining in a beach chair in the waters of Hawaii.

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Ø  What would you be doing if you weren’t travelling?

When I’m not traveling, I usually spend a lot of time at home writing.  If I weren’t a professional travel writer, I would probably be a teacher (I have a credential) or a work in travel public relations.

Ø  Have you ever experiences any cultural faux pas?

Many.  One was staying with our exchange student’s family in Paris and thinking the towels on the racks were for us.  Americans don’t travel with towels, but the French do.

Ø  What is your Favourite airline?

Virgin America, because of the ambiance and service, and Emirates, because of the glamor and the food.

Ø  Where are you off to next?

Iceland, and I just heard one of their volcanoes is getting ready to erupt!


Ø  What is the name of your travel blog and why did you choose this name?

Travels with Carole.  I chose it because Travel with Carole was already taken.

Ø  When did you start blogging?


Ø  Where did you start blogging?


Ø  Why did you start a Travel blog?

because I am a professional travel writer and was told back then that this was the way to go!  Now, I look forward to sitting down to blog.

Ø  What are you tips for new Travel Bloggers?

Try to get a special slant rather than just a general interest blog

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Ø  Do you wish you did differently when you started out?

No.  Some things just need to be learned along the way.

Ø  What has been your most successful blog post and what was it about?

According to my stats, this beer bike blog post is my all-time most viewed.

Ø  Have you worked with any “big name” sponsors, if not who would be your dream to work with?

No.  I haven’t worked out any sponsorships.

Ø  Do you have any tips for new bloggers who want to work with sponsors?

Yes, please tell me whatever you learn.

Ø  Which travel bloggers do you admire?

I like Noel Morata’s posts and another woman’s postings on chocolate.

Ø  Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers?

Like Nike advises, just do it!

Ø  What is your Travel Motto:

Take time to smell the roses.

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